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Campus Redevelopment Project

The Vancouver College campus is a beautiful mix of historic buildings and state-of-the-art facilities. Clearly we are all beneficiaries of the legacy left by parents, alumni, and school supporters whose generosity has provided the school with a solid foundation. The vision of our forefathers and the commitment and generosity of donors - alumni, friends, past and current parents - have enabled Vancouver College to achieve the enviable position it enjoys today. Learn more about our tradition of philanthropy at Vancouver College.

We have outgrown some of our older facilities while other buildings require immediate replacement due to seismic challenges. The renovation and development required are not uncommon for schools with older buildings such as ours. Our immediate goals are to make these buildings safe and optimally functional for our students today and those in the future.

We now prepare for the next stage in our long and illustrious history so we can continue to serve students into our next century. Only through a process of continual growth, transformation, and renewal do we remain truly progressive.

Design Plans

Project Process & Timeline

Conceptual Planning

In 2010 the Board of Directors commissioned engineering analysis of the quadrangle made up of Lannon (1924), McCormack (1927), Mackin (1957) and Nichol (1967) Halls. The study concluded that Mackin and Nichol Halls require some seismic upgrading but the buildings are in reasonable shape. Lannon and McCormack Halls need to be replaced. An Architecture and Planning firm was subsequently commissioned by the Board to develop a concept plan for how the school could tackle this project with minimal disruption to the day to day operations of the school. That concept plan, which was used to estimate the costs involved, was shown to the VC community in the fall of 2013.

Feasibility Study

In November 2013, the Board commissioned a feasibility study for a capital campaign to raise the estimated $36 million needed to renew the campus. The study, conducted from December 2013 to April 2014, concluded that there is support within the VC community for such a project and with some adjustments to our existing systems and processes, a future campaign is feasible. Our Capital Campaign will launch in the fall of 2016 and will conclude in 2019/20.

Architect Selection Process

In the summer of 2014, the Board conducted a competitive process to select the architectural firm to design the project. In December 2014, the firm chosen from among four in the competition was Acton Ostry Architects (AOA). Acton Ostry has an extensive track record designing new buildings and upgrades to numerous education facilities in Vancouver. Among its recent accomplishments are the new and rejuvenated parts of York House School, King David High School, renovations to the Sauder School of Business and Biological Sciences Complex at UBC, the expansion and renovation of Talmud Torah Elementary School, and the new St. Augustine's Elementary School completed in the fall of 2015. AOA was selected because of their specific experience designing schools, consultative planning process, successful results and creativity, and proven ability to work within a client's budgetary realities.

Educational Visioning Process

January 21, 2015

The first step of the Redevelopment Predesign Phase was the consultation process with VC’s teachers and staff to create the educational vision for the project. What is 21st Century Learning at Vancouver College? How do we equip our boys for learning in our next century?

Acton Ostry Architects together with Resource Planning Group Inc. (represented by Steve Yeomans and Karen Long) led a VC Faculty and Staff Town Hall Meeting.

The purpose of this workshop was to informally brainstorm and document key "big picture" issues and ideas that should be considered in determining space requirements and design. Faculty and staff were subsequently asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that focused on identifying goals and directions for pedagogy and learning.

Feb, 10, 11, 16, 17, 2015

A series of smaller group meetings with various user groups were held with Acton Ostry and Resource Planning Group. Faculty and staff joined a user group or groups that best reflect their teaching and student cohort focus. The purpose of the discussions was to develop space and equipment requirements and to begin to identify design implications.

User groups included:

KindergartenSenior School (Gr 10-12)MathematicsLanguages
Grade 1-3Humanities (Social Studies/English)PE/AthleticsStudent Services
Grade 4-6Campus Ministry & ReligionArts (Visual/Applied)Administration
Middle School
(Gr 7-9)
ScienceArts (Performing)Library/Commons

Educational Vision Forum

February 23, 2015

VC Parents were invited to an Educational Vision Forum on the Campus Redevelopment for our next century. There were presentations, discussion among panellists, audience comments, and questions & answers. Keynote speakers included:

  • Archbishop J. Michael Miller – The Catholic School of the Future
  • Principal Johnny Bevacqua – Vancouver College’s Educational Vision
  • Architectural Programming Consultant Steve Yeomans – The Visioning Process with VC Teachers
  • Mark Ostry, Architect – New ideas in school architecture, classroom design, space usage, furniture configurations, and more.

In January 2016, Acton Ostry Architects consulted with faculty as a follow up to the educational visioning work done in the spring of 2015.

Redevelopment Design Principals and Thematic Exhibition

April 8 - 10, 2015

Over a period of three nights, parents were invited to a Redevelopment Design Principles and Thematic Exhibition. Guests dropped in to view a series of display panels that included design and thematic responses resulting from the architects’ and planners’ consultative meeting with faculty, staff, and parents. Parents and members of the Vancouver College community were given an opportunity to provide additional feedback after the exhibition.

Town Halls

February 23 and March 2, 2016

Following the Board of Directors’ approval of the master plan in September 2015 and further consulation with faculty and staff in January 2016, two Town Hall Sessions for the VC Community were held in early spring 2016.

The purpose of these evenings was to present site plans to parents, alumni, and friends and to show how input received from faculty, staff, and parents were integrated into the project design. There were brief presentations by President John Nixon, Principal Johnny Bevacqua, and Alex Percy from Acton Ostry Architects, while the bulk of the meeting was dedicated to “Town Hall” style discussions and Q&A.

Draft Design Plans Presented

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