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The Learning Centre

The goal of Vancouver College's Learning Centre is to provide a supportive, individualized learning environment for students with unique learning styles in accordance to the school's Special Education Policy.

What we can do for our students:

  • IEP Planning
  • Support for student's learning and homework
  • Liaise with teachers and professionals in connection with the IEP
  • Assist with peer tutoring
  • Facilitate organizational skills
  • Help build student's self-advocacy skills

The Learning Centre offers a variety of tutoring options designed to assist students with their learning, organizational, and study skills.

Lunch and Learn provides one-on-one and group lunch time tutoring to middle and senior students needing assistance. More details will be provided soon about this program.

These programs are being offered in addition to the Peer Tutoring Program (click here for an application), which is also coordinated by the Learning Centre. Peer tutors are student volunteers who are proficient in a subject or subjects and wish to volunteer to assist their fellow students.

Accommodations for professional tutoring can be made for students with Individual Education Plans. Tutors for students with IEPs are welcome to campus before and after school as well as during the school day, as requested and if space in TLC can be made available for the session(s).

This Learning Disabilities Checklist ( is designed as a helpful guide and not as a tool to pinpoint specific learning disabilities. Many disorders of language, learning, attention and behavior share common characteristics, and the LD Checklist is not intended to rule in or rule out one type of disorder or another. This tool is intended only to increase awareness of behaviors that point to risk for LD , and not as a substitute for a comprehensive evaluation by trained professionals.

If your son is experiencing difficulties with his learning, organization, and/or study skills, please contact either Ms. Cliona Ryan-Glennon, Director of the Learning Centre, or Mr Michael Bodnar, Teacher, who will assist you with the steps to take and what support, both at home and at school will be most helpful. Teachers are the first line of support and are generous in offering their extra time to support students both in the classroom and with extra help when needed.

For information about learning differences and helpful links and resources, please visit the following links:

LD OnLine

BC Council for Exceptional Children

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

All Kinds of Minds

Misunderstood Minds

Can Child: Centre for Childhood Disability Research: Motor Difficulties

American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

New definition of Mental Retardation Council for Exceptional Children

Content standards for Special Education Dragon Naturally Speaking

Assistive Technology Kurzweil Reader

Assistive Technology Learning Disabilities Association of America

Discussion of RTI Schwab Learning

Website for parents of children with learning differences Universal Design for Learning

ASD: Autism and Aspergers

Educational Opportunities for Individuals with ASD

Parents Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

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