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Liturgical Life

Our School Liturgies are always the most important moment in the life of our school community. We are continually working and enriching and developing our celebrations. We are thankful to Mrs. Vernier for further developing a Music Ministry Programme at Vancouver College in the form of a Liturgical Choir for Middle and Senior School Liturgical Celebrations!

Opening School Liturgy - September 20, 2016
Advent/Christmas Liturgy - December 13, 2016
Ash Wednesday - March 1, 2017
Mothers Day Liturgies - May 9, 2017
School Wide Year End Mass - June 6, 2017
Graduation Liturgy - June 28, 2017

Weekly Mass at VC (Brothers' Chapel)

Fr. Paul and Fr. Regi celebrate the Eucharist Thursday morning at 7:45am. Students and parents are welcome to join.

Grade Level Masses (Middle and Senior Schools)

In addition to the above school-wide liturgies, there are opportunities for students to fully participate during Grade Level Masses. These Masses, which are scheduled to take place throughout the year, will be held at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish and celebrated by Father Chris.

Middle School Thanksgiving Mass - October 6, 2016
Grade 12 Mass - October 6, 2016
Middle School Charity Mass - January 12, 2017
Grade 11 Mass - January 12, 2017
Middle School Easter Mass - April 20, 2017
Grade 10 Mass - April 21, 2017

Elementary Mass Schedule

All Elementary School Liturgies take place at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. Dates are set by Ms. Barbara Seppelt. For further information consult the Elementary News page.

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