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Entrepreneurship & Career Mentoring Program

The Vancouver College Entrepreneurship and Career Mentoring (ECM) program provides late-Middle and Senior school boys with a unique opportunity to listen to and speak with successful professionals from varying fields. The goal of the ECM program is to provoke thought and spark ideas among the boys regarding potential career paths for their lives beyond Vancouver College.

The Vancouver College ECM program is comprised of 2 components: ‘Lunch & Learn Talks’ and ‘Profession Previews’.

Lunch & Learn Talks

Guest speakers come from a wide range of industries, Law, Medicine, Government, Finance, Information Technology, Arts, and many other fields; speakers share about their backgrounds and chosen professions. The boys benefit by learning not only about various professions and fields but also from unique, personal insights of the speakers.

Profession Previews

In cases where boys become more interested in a specific guest speaker’s profession or field, the ECM leaders work with the relevant speaker to schedule a ‘Profession Preview’. The boys visit the speaker’s place of business and receive a “Day in the Life of…” tour. These sessions offer a special opportunity for boys to gain a stronger understanding of that speaker’s profession.

Note: The Lunch & Learn Talks are open to late-Middle and Senior school boys, however, priority is given to Senior boys in cases when attendance exceeds capacity. Boys are encouraged to sign up early for the Talks they wish to attend.

Lunch & Learn - Upcoming Talks

Tuesday, January 31 - Mr Paul Ryan, City of Vancouver Civil Engineer

Tuesday, February 28 - Mr. Chip Wilson, Founder , Lululemon Athletica Inc.

Vancouver College Mentors

The VC ECM program is led by group of active VC parents and alumni who volunteer time to share their professional vocations and business experience with current students. Any VC parent or alumni interested in assisting in the ECM program can learn more by emailing Mr. Joe Dardano (Teacher Sponsor) or Mr. Dionisio Santos (Chair, ECM).

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