Grade 10

BC Graduation Requirements:

Grad Planner 2017-18: file:///C:/Users/Monica%20Beck/Downloads/grad_planner%20(2).pdf

UBC Admissions Update

Currently UBC evaluates prospective students using four program prerequisite, grade twelve approved courses, as well as the Personal Profile, for regular admission. Grade eleven grades in equivalent courses, in addition to any completed grade twelve courses, and the Personal Profile, are used for the evaluation of early round applicants. These protocols will continue to be used for the full application cycle this year i.e. our current grade twelve students.

Next year UBC will move to a new model of admissions assessment. This will affect our current grade eleven students. The changes include:

  • Admission will be based on approximately 12-18 courses including at least 6 grade twelve courses (which will not be limited to UBC's 'Grade Twelve Approved Courses' list).
  • All grade eleven and twelve courses will be included except for applied design, skill, technology, career education, and physical education.
  • Lowest course grade will be omitted.
  • A maximum of two visual and performing arts courses will be used for each of grade eleven and twelve.
UBC has created these changes to better align with the new BC curriculum, to help mitigate grade inflation, and to pursue a more holistic assessment of applicants. In addition, it is hoped that by including a broader composition of courses that students will be encouraged to challenge themselves with both the breadth and rigour of the courses they select, which will be recognized in their admissions evaluation. Finally, by reviewing a larger number of courses and credits across the two senior years UBC will hopefully incentivize a strong work ethic and positive learning outcomes in both years.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Accili, Mr. Taggart or Ms. Beck if you have questions. If we are unable to answer your specific query we will direct you to the admissions team at UBC.

Post Secondary Events

Volunteer Opportunities

Columbus Seniors' Residence

Student volunteers (age 16 or older), who are willing to make a six month commitment, are needed to spend at least an hour and a half each weekend, at morning socials with the seniors at Columbus Residence, located at 704 West 69th Avenue in Vancouver. Volunteers will visit with and play simple games with residents. Interested students can contact Kelsie Tham at kelsiet98@gmailcom.

Bumpin Bakery

Bumpin Bakery is a student founded and run non-profit organization serving coffee and muffins every Sunday morning at the corner of Main and Hastings. Student volunteers are needed to donate muffins and/or serve muffins, coffee, and kindness to those in need in the downtown east side. One dozen muffins donated equals one service hour for VC students. For more information to to

Staying Strong in Grade 10 - Who Can Help?

Academic Support: Teachers, Advisors, Academic Counsellors (Mr. Accili and Mr. Taggart), Peer Counselling (Ms. Marino).

Learning Challenges: The Learning Centre.

Personal Counselling: Ms. Beck, Counsellor.

Helpful Articles for Navigating Grade 10:

Stress Management

Time Management and Study Skills

Test Anxiety

Struggling in School

How to be Motivated



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