Why Teach at Vancouver College?

Established in 1922, Vancouver College is the only all-boys, Catholic, independent school in British Columbia. Founded by the Congregation of Christian Brothers in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, our mission is to educate boys and young men from diverse backgrounds in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.

With the completion of the campus renewal project through “Our Next Century”, Vancouver College moves forward with a focus on continuous improvement and pedagogical transformation. It leads the way in innovative practice while honouring its deeply rooted traditions.


School Community

Vancouver College includes three separate schools under one roof. With students ranging in age from Kindergarten to Grade 12, we take a varied approach to education, ensuring all students are supported by flexible programs and our vision that they “leave here a better man.”

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 (Elementary School) are introduced to a variety of teaching styles from grade to grade, while their lessons are still rooted in strong traditional teaching values. Teachers in the Middle School, made up of students in Grades 7 through 9, takes into consideration that the jump from Elementary to High School is the biggest adjustment a young boy must make during his education. The Senior School at Vancouver College consists of approximately 480 young men in Grades 10 through 12. As students enter Senior School, the most noticeable difference is the increased focus on independence and responsibility.

Our curriculum promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person, fosters the development of higher-order thinking and prepares students for lifelong learning.

Vancouver College is well known for its spiritual program, outstanding academics, expansive extra and co-curricular program, and high-calibre teaching staff. At Vancouver College, the Religious Studies program is at the core of the curriculum and life of the school. A student is expected to pass Religion at each grade level to continue into each subsequent grade and to graduate from Vancouver College.

As a single-gender environment, students receive the most effective techniques in the education of young men, and feel a sense of family and tradition through our strong support system of teachers, parents and alumni. Academically, our school is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the province through the Fraser Institute School Ranking, with our students also excelling in athletics and arts.

Salary and Benefits

Vancouver College strives to maintain a salary scale similar to or slightly higher than that offered by the Vancouver School Board. 

The school has a defined contribution pension plan, with the employee contributing 7.5% of their income, matched by 10.5% from the employer. Vancouver College offers its employees a robust health benefits plan, shared at a 50/50 cost between the employee and the school.

Vancouver College is committed to engaging faculty in professional learning. Features include enhanced, collaborative teams and resources for training, workshops, and conferences.

The school pays an honorarium for all athletic and extracurricular activities and offers a vibrant summer camp program, giving Vancouver College teachers first priority to be involved as a means of extra income throughout the summer months.

Full-time teachers at Vancouver College teach an equivalent of six out of eight blocks, as opposed to the seven out of eight schedule implemented in most schools. Staff are also offered free parking, social and recreational activities, staff affirmations, and the opportunity to participate in our staff social committee.