Principal of Vancouver College

As Vancouver College approaches its next century of providing faith based, inspirational education for young men, an exciting opportunity exists for a new Principal to advance the process of continuous improvement, pedagogical transformation, and campus renewal.

The Principal of Vancouver College is the educational leader of the school and its Chief Operating Officer.

Appointed by the President of Vancouver College with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Principal reports to the President. Together, they are responsible for preserving and promoting the Catholic identity of the school, the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, and the philosophy and educational mission as outlined in the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education at Vancouver College.

Academic Program

The Principal of Vancouver College is responsible for the development and delivery of educational outcomes
and a culture of excellence through:

  • Supervising the curriculum and overseeing the assignment of teacher schedules, classes, supervision schedules, evaluation periods, and extracurricular activities,
  • Collaborating in setting and reviewing the goals of department heads,
  • Directing long range planning of curricular and academic programs,
  • Meeting regularly with the Education, Mission and Identity Committee of the Board to gain approval for program initiatives and changes to the education program,
  • Assisting the President in developing the long-term strategic plan,
  • and acting as the chair to the Principal’s Advisory Council.


The Principal of Vancouver College is responsible for the recruitment, development, and performance of all faculty members by:

  • Providing systematic performance appraisals for all members of the faculty and staff as well as opportunity for professional growth,
  • and appointing senior faculty members, in consultation with the President, including Assistant Principals, Department Chairs, Athletic Directors, and Campus Ministers.

General Administration

General duties of the Principal include: 

  • Developing the school policy together with the administration team, published in the Student Handbook and the Employee Policy Handbook,
  • Overseeing the general order and safety of the school and the students,
  • Planning and organizing the school year to provide for the effective instruction and coordination of school activities,
  • Overseeing the planning of general assemblies, honours assemblies and graduation exercises,
  • Acting as the presiding Chief Executive Officer in the absence of the President,
  • Encouraging parental involvement, attending to parental concerns, serving as an executive member of the Parents’ Association and ensuring coordination of volunteer activities at the school,
  • Facilitating the Open House, assisting the Assistant Principals and Registrar with admissions of students new to the school and providing the final decision on all matters related to admissions in a manner consistent with the Admissions Priority Considerations,
  • Sitting as a member of the Education, Mission and Identity Committee and the Property and Facilities Committee,
  • and attending all Board meetings while reporting to the Board on the Education and Mission and Identity Programs at Vancouver College.

Application Process

Priority Consideration will be given to candidates who possess the following:

  • Current pastoral reference, confirming the candidate is an engaged Roman Catholic,
  • A postgraduate degree in administration or related field or enrolment in a post graduate program,
  • A minimum of five years experience as a demonstrated successful school administrator,
  • Participation as a strategic and visible leader, with exceptional communication skills who can engage in all aspects of school life working effectively with students, staff, and parent community,
  • and a demonstrated commitment and proficiency related to professional learning, instructional leadership, collegiality, communication, and organization.

Application Deadline:

Submit applications with supporting documents (Cover Letter of Intent, Curriculum Vitae, Teacher Certification, Pastoral Reference) to Mr. Johnny Bevacqua, President elect, c/o by January 6, 2020.

Employment Start Date:

August 15, 2020

Further Details

For  additional information on working at Vancouver College, please visit our Join Us webpage, or view our school profile below.