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Vancouver College's Administrators, Faculty, and Staff are led by the Principal whose prime responsibility as Chief Education Officer is the overall educational program at Vancouver College. Other members of the Administration Team include the Assistant Principals of the Senior, Middle, and Elementary Schools, and the Business Manager. Duties of the Administration team include admissions, supervision and evaluation of academics, extracurricular activities, long-term planning of academic programs, business practices, and financial stability.

VC's Faculty and Staff are dedicated and committed to each student to ensure that he achieves his personal best. As a faith-based school, all staff members play a vital role in creating an atmosphere of openness to religious activities; maintaining a physical and psychological environment where religious values are central to all aspects of education; and ensuring opportunities for counselling, prayer, retreat participation, service, and involvement in liturgical programs. The philosophical stance of Vancouver College is consistent with the mind of the Roman Catholic Church as stated in its "declaration of Education"; namely, to lead the young men toward a mature understanding of the purpose of life and to cultivate their potentialities so that they may fulfill their destiny.

All Staff Members may be contacted by email. However, for anti-spamming reasons, email addresses are not listed on this page. Unless otherwise indicated, a staff member's email address is the first letter of his/her first name followed by his/her last name and "@mail.vc.bc.ca" all in lower case. For example, John Smith's email address would be jsmith + @mail.vc.bc.ca.

For parents & students:   Our faculty are here to support our boys' teaching and learning. We want them to focus on being present in well-planned learning sessions and in giving timely assessment feedback to their students. Teachers are also highly involved in extracurriculars as coaches and mentors, as part of our focus on developing the whole child. At the same time, we know that it is important that communication remains open between parents as primary educators and their sons' teachers.

Therefore, we think it wise to formalize expectations on both sides of this communication bridge. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers with inquiries and concerns but should realize that it may take up to 48 hours for the teacher to respond in normal situations. As well, we ask parents to refrain from reaching out on weekends and between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am on weekdays. As ever, if parents do feel that a concern has not been addressed or is urgent in nature, they may contact an administrator.


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