Brian Yang (VC'96)








Brian Yang (VC’96), an urologist and a father of three, shares his VC story and how he became the empathetic man of character he is today.

What does Vancouver College mean to you?

“VC is more than just a place to learn.  It’s a community strongly rooted in faith, values, and principles.  VC teaches boys to be men.  The VC brotherhood truly has been, and still is, a huge part of my life.  We had our their 20th reunion recently and about 40 classmates attended. It was quite an  experience  to see all the familiar faces.”


What did you do after graduating from VC?

“After graduation in 1996, I studied at UBC and graduated with Honours in Microbiology. I continued my studies at UBC as a medical school student and completed the Urology Residency Program at McMaster University. I’m now the Head of Urology for Fraser Health Authority and a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Urological Sciences and Faculty of Medicine at UBC. I always knew I would be in medicine, and my friendship with Lawrence Yang (VC’97) solidified my vision. His father was a family physician and I would learn a little bit more about the healthcare profession every time I visited his place.”


What was your fondest memory or experience at VC and why?
“I joined Encounter in grade 10 and I was a Team Leader in grade 11 and 12.  I remember how much time I spent preparing for Encounter.  It taught me that everything in life is built upon the common connection of faith.  As the world gets more and more complicated, faith becomes the one thing holds us together.”

Who or what was your biggest influence during your time at VC?

“Mr. Shea, who looked like Don Cherry but didn’t sound like him, was my biggest influence. His approach towards spirituality opened my eyes and showed me that religion    is more than just a set of rules.  Mr. Shea was more than a teacher; he was my   life guide. "

How did VC help or influence who you are today such as in your career, life, spiritually, and community involvement?

“I became a more well-rounded person by participating in sports, community service, outreach, and of course, academics.  I was on the Track and Field team and was the Captain of the Physics team in grade 12. Our Physics team won many competitions with flying colours. I still vividly remember the time when Mr. Molloy, our Physics teacher, bought us pizza and took us around UBC after our competition; it was an experience I’ll never forget.”


Brian and his wife, Angelique, have 3 children: 2 boys, who are 11 and 3 years old, and a 7-year-old daughter.  He saw the importance of the VC Alumni Corridor as part of the campus’ largest redevelopment project. Brian is proud to leave a legacy for the present and the future boys of VC. He hopes that one day, his sons will continue the family legacy at Vancouver College.


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