Sagar Malhi (VC'10)

1. If you have to describe your experience at VC in one word, what word would it be and why?


Vancouver College epitomizes diversity. The most visible interpretation is race, but the community at Vancouver College is diverse in its ethnicity, interests, and abilities amongst multiple other facets. This manifested itself in many ways, whether it was through the cultural cuisines at Mayfair, or the range of extracurricular activities ranging from Social Justice Club to Rugby. Vancouver College shows that there is strength in diversity, and pairs it with an education that allows us to harness that diversity to help solve the problems of tomorrow.

2. How did VC shape who you are today holistically?

I was blessed to be surrounded with teachers and coaches who cared about the individual as a whole. I firmly believe that external situations paired with the support and community at Vancouver College helped instill    a "never quit" attitude, showed me the benefits of community, and prioritized growing the mind and body through top-notch education and athletics.

3. Looking back, which teacher or staff member did you learn the most from and why?

Without a doubt I learnt the most from my fifth grade teacher, Brother Conti, and some of the lessons he taught are still relevant today. Not only did he teach the regular course curriculum in an engaging manner above and beyond the way most students experience it, but he taught life lessons that extended beyond the classroom. He let us hatch our own chickens, grow our own tomato plants, taught us about the history and impact of music (shout out to our Beatles Band), and taught us to appreciate art. We had the opportunity to learn life fundamentals, and he gave us responsibility in ways that many of the children never had before. As an adult, I still hold his lessons of patience and trust dear to my heart. 

4. How would you like to be further involved in the alumni community?

I would love to help grow the entrepreneurial spirit at Vancouver College through developing/fostering/sharing the tenets of the mindset that drive    the entrepreneurial community. 


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