Alumni Fishing Derby

The Lake Was Angry My Friends!

 Yes, you read it right…the lake was most certainly angry on the weekend of the Alumni Fishing  Derby  2019. I can honestly say in 30 plus years of fishing that it was the worst weather I have ever seen on a lake!  We had torrential rain, howling wind, hail, an appearance from the sun (to give us hope) and  it would cycle through all over again. If battling the elements wasn’t enough,  how about a barometric pressure that bounced around like a yo yo, a lake that experienced a summer kill and winter kill, and an exodus of fish out of the lake during high water as if following Moses to the promised land. At the end of the day the score was  FISH 1 ANGLERS 0 …that’s why they call it fishing and not catching as it was the first time in the Alumni Fishing  Derby’s history that no fish were weighed in. However, that most certainly did not spoil the mood of all those that participated as there is nothing  a good laugh, nice scotch, and warm campfire can’t solve. We spoke with the managers of Salmon Lake and unfortunately we and all the guests this year experienced poor fishing. They assured us that it was an anomaly and things should be in prime shape for next year with the current stocking and management program in place   (15,000 fry every year!). I can’t wait for next year to redeem myself and I know all those who participated are looking forward to some solid fishing. Semper Fidelis and see you all next June!


All the best,

Rob Kozikowski (VC‘94)