Bart Hull (VC'87)

Bart Hull (VC’87), a former running back in the CFL, comes from a family of athletes. He is the son of Canadian hockey legend Bobby Hull, nephew of Dennis Hull, and brother of Brett Hull.

His athletic prowess was already evident as a student. Bart was the Captain of the Varsity Football Team in 1986 and was offered an athletic scholarship from the Boise State University in Idaho, where he studied Communication and played for the Boise State Broncos.

Upon graduating from Boise State, Bart was drafted by the BC Lions but was traded to play for the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1991. He later played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1994.

After his football career, Bart played for the Idaho Steelheads of the West Coast Hockey League. He now works in Dallas, Texas  as the Area Manager for the Texas Region at Tradesmen International, a construction labor support company based in Ohio. He has many offices in his care across the state, leading teams of managers, recruiters, and sales reps. He feels it is his responsibility to develop his charges both professionally and personally to advance their careers. Prior to Tradesmen International, Bart worked as the Business Manager for Apple in the Dallas Market.

If you could meet your younger self, what would you tell him?

If I could speak with my younger self, I would urge myself  to  reach out to the people outside of my clique and  have a larger group of interesting, talented people in my circle. It has been a great pleasure to reconnect with classmates that are airline captains, business owners, and other incredibly successful professionals!  I did not know them that well at VC, and that is a regret!

I am lucky to have known the Clarkes, the Burns, the Reids,  McIsaac’s , Correa’s and the Giefings - wonderful, multi-generational VC families, as well as influencers on staff like Ten Choo, Jay Prepchuck and Paul DalMonte. I can proudly say that we are still going strong even after 30 years.

What is your fondest memory of VC?

I remember what we did on the field, the track, and the games we had in the Alumni Gym. But even more so,    I remember the people that I got into trouble with. I remember countless laughs in the old bunker locker room and the times spent with my teammates, whether on campus or around the town. As I get older,  I realize that the treasure of  VC brotherhood and continuing decades of old relationships are what’s most important.  

As a professional athlete and a successful businessman, what are you the most passionate about?

I would be lying if I didn’t say that my passion lies in my identity as a father of two beautiful children, Brett and Brenden, and a husband to my lovely wife, Vee. At the end of the day, I do what I do to provide for the family. My family means the world to me, and nothing can change that. But boy, did we love coming back to Vancouver last summer to visit VC and have my kids run around on O’Hagan Field!