Joel Slenning (VC'91)


Joel Slenning (VC'91) is an entrepreneur and the President of INNOVA People.  Whether it's healthcare, tech, or creative marketing, Joel understands how to bring brand relevance, company culture, and growth strategies to the forefront and attract the right talent to grow the business and meet the mission.

Today, Joel helps large scale healthcare organizations and tech start-ups build highly scalable and proficient teams of talented professionals through INNOVA People’s Talent Acquisition model. In addition to advising multiple businesses, Joel can be found on social media outlets via podcasts, interviews and speaking engagements working collectively with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Being in the Human Resources/Staffing industry brings tremendous challenge, but with that challenge comes great reward and pride. To Joel, helping people navigate and  grow their careers  is truly an incredible experience.

What are some tips you would like to share with our students and alumni that are also interested in the industry? 

 If you are interested in the HR or Recruitment industry, enter into it knowing that the career comes with immense responsibility to the people it serves. You have to care    about people's well being,  their professional impact, contributions, and how they    shape the professional world of work.

What is your fondest memory of your time at VC?

My fondest memory of VC is simply the brotherhood that my classmates and I shared. I am very blessed to have continued so many of the relationships that I created while attending VC. The pride and the passion for the wellbeing and excellence of the school is the glue that connects us.