The Story of John Harrison (VC'33)

When we heard about the Alumni Corridor project my husband and I thought it would be a great way to honor the memory of my grandfather, John Bede Harrison, Class of 1933.

John always remembered his time at Vancouver College fondly, and supported the school throughout his years. He always encouraged his family to be strong in their faith, to be kind and considerate, to always look after people who were in need, and to be good stewards of our Earth.

He is the author of the first Canadian book on organic farming, "Good Food Naturally," Copyright, 1972. He details in this book, after working the soil in Richmond BC for 25 years, exactly how to do it, and why it is superior to chemical farming. He would be so pleased that organic food has become such an important topic of the conversation today.

In 1987 he was the recipient of the VC Emerald Award (now called the Hall of Honour)    and he did truly, throughout his life, exemplify the ideals and values of Vancouver College. He would always offer to help, and his kindness and compassion were legendary.

John's eldest son,  James Harrison, attended Vancouver College. He also had 5 grandsons that graduated; Michael Harrison 1984, Simon Harrison 1992, Chris Harrison 1996, Matthew Harrison 2000, and Thomas Miller 2005. Thomas has volunteered as the Defensive Back Coach for the Grade 8 Football team for the last 3 years, and last year helped to coach them to victory in the Provincial Championship. John would be so proud to know that he has 2 great-grandsons that are currently enrolled at VC.  Vinny Zadra is in Grade 11. He exemplifies his great-grandfather in his his work ethic, kindness and compassion. Nicholas Zadra is in Grade 9. Nicholas also has a strong work ethic,  is always willing to help someone in need, and he also was a part of the Provincial Championship Football team this year.

Semper Fidelis Grandpa, you are in our hearts Forever!

Anya Zadra (Anya Harrison LFA ‘89)  & Rob Zadra