Thomas Miller (VC'05)


Thomas Miller (VC’05), a 13 year man, is now the Principal of Go Public Social, a digital marketing agency that specializes in publicly traded companies. Thomas studied Journalism during his undergraduate career, entered the workforce as a reporter, and became the managing editor for a local newspaper.

A few years ago, Thomas shifted his career trajectory. He went back to school to study Public Relations. With a degree in Journalism and a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations under his belt, Thomas decided to make an impact through digital marketing. He served as one of the board of directors for the Canadian Public Relations Society, noticed the opportunities to establish his own business, and now is the founder of Go Public Social.

It’s not easy to start a company of your own. How did you make the transition?

I was lucky enough to have a firm foundation before I resigned from my previous job at Jacob Bros Construction two years ago. With the help from our connections, my business partner and I were off to a good start. Our company now executes digital marketing strategies for organizations in the resource, mining, finance, and healthcare sectors.

What are you most passionate about, and how do they tie in with your career?

Work-wise, my passion is to effectively tell the story of a company to the right audience. My work is about digging into the core of my clients’ companies and showcasing them in the best light possible.

Life-wise, I am passionate about service. I coach the Grade 8 Football Team with Matt Esaw and other fellow alumni. I am also the President of Vancouver Young Professionals Rotaract Club - an international organization that promotes service and aims to improve the lives of those in our community.

What do you like the most about VC?

I love the fact that I can just call one of my classmates out of the blue, and I know they would be there for me. To think that I’ve known some of these guys for 25 years brings me so much joy.  

Do you have any words of encouragement to our graduating seniors and our alumni community?

I would say it’s important to build lasting relationships with the people around you. I believe the relationships I’ve made through VC catalyzed my career success and shaped my outlook on life. In a nutshell, relationships, be it business or personal, should be prioritized and cherished.