Thor Diakow (VC'98)

It was a pleasure to have Thor Diakow (VC’98), Entertainment TV Host and Producer at City TV Vancouver, on the phone with us! Many viewers wake up to his reviews on celebrity news, movies, and viral videos every morning on Breakfast Television. 

Who is someone that you’d like to thank at Vancouver College?

Ms. Anne Field was instrumental in cultivating my public speaking skills. I had her in Grade 8 and again in Grade 12 for English Literature. She encouraged me to join the Speech Club and every year since Grade 8, I had the opportunity to compete against other schools with my team. I recently reached out to her via social media to express just how much I value all this time she invested in me, and how grateful I am to her for her support. I am lucky that I was in good hands.

What path did you take after VC to get to where you are today?

In 2001, I did a two year program at BCIT studying Broadcast Journalism. After I finished the program, I joined CKNW and was part of their production team for a talk show with Stirling Faux. I was with CKNW for 5 years when I applied for the Associate Producer position at CityTV. I said yes to the offer, started off behind-the-scenes, and eventually got on air as a TV host.

What is it like being the producer and host for Breakfast Television?

My job is never boring - each show is different, and I’ve been doing this for 12 years hitting 13. I review new movies, feature local stories, and interview guests    in the entertainment industry. My work is like a conduit to local infotainment (information and entertainment). It's all about storytelling. 

What are some of the pro tips you have for those that may be interested in stepping into the news/entertainment industry?

Be passionate, be aware, and be immersed. In this industry, you have to be passionate about telling stories. To tell a story well, it helps to be an avid reader and be up-to-date with current events. Engage with your community through volunteer work, and be culturally informed with communities outside of your own by travelling to different places.

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