Admissions FAQs

What is the Application Process?

  • Complete an Application Package and submit to the Registrar (faxed or emailed applications are NOT accepted).
  • Application packages are accepted at any time throughout the year, however applications for the 2019-2020 school year MUST be received by Friday, January 18, 2019.
  • Remit the $100 non-refundable application fee.
  • Attend the Annual Open House on Thursday, January 10, 2019.
  • Write the Entrance/Placement Exam on Saturday, January 26, 2019 if you are applying for Grades 4, 7, 8 or 9.
  • All Kindergarten applicants will be contacted for a personal interview with the Assistant Principal.
  • Qualified Senior School and Middle School applicants may be interviewed.
  • All applicants are notified by mail regarding the status of their application by the first week of March 2018.

Where can I get an Application Package?

You may download an Application Package and Checklist of required supporting documents or you may obtain a printed copy from the Vancouver College Main Office.

Is there an application fee?

There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 .

What supporting documents do I need to submit?

To ensure you have the required supporting documents, please refer to the appropriate Application Document Checklist in the application package. Please note that failure to submit any of the required documentation may delay or invalidate your son's application.

What are the selection criteria?

While consideration will be given to all applicants, Administration reserves the right to exercise its admissions decision in the best interest of Vancouver College as a Catholic school in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have a sibling attending Vancouver College, sons or grandsons of alumni, sons of current staff members, and Catholic applicants. All admission decisions will be made by the Principal, along with the Assistant Principals of each section (i.e. Elementary, Middle, and Senior Schools). In all of the above cases, extenuating circumstances may be considered and may affect application priorities.

At what grade levels are students accepted?

Applicants are admitted to Vancouver College in Kindergarten, Grades 4, 7, and 8. Typically the number of spaces per grade level is as follows:

Kindergarten - 26 seats
Grade 4 - 2 seats
Grade 7 - 30 seats
Grade 8 - 100 seats

Applicants may also be admitted at other grade levels as openings occur.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition for the 2018-19 school year is $7,600 for Kindergarten - Grade 12 and $20,500 for International students.

Is tuition the same if I have more than one son at VC?

Families in need of the Family Discount MUST complete a "Request for Family Discount" form and submit with registration or re-registration package ANNUALLY. This form is also available at the main office. Please complete the form in its entirety and a meeting with the Business Manager may be required.

Discounts are not automatically given to families with multiple sons attending Vancouver College.

Please note that any amount taken as a family discount will be reflected as a decrease in the charitable portion of your tuition for which you receive a tax receipt.

For the 2018-19 school year the discount is $1,600 for the 2nd son, $3,600 for the 3rd son, $5,650 for the 4th son, and $7,600 (free) for the 5th son.

Does Vancouver College offer any tuition financial assistance?

Vancouver College is committed to providing accessible Catholic-based education to all families as envisioned by our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. Through the Blessed Edmund Rice Bursary Program, the school is able to fulfill this commitment. Applications may be submitted after the student has been accepted. Please contact Mrs. Kelly Lattimer, Business Manager, at 604-261-4285 loc. 225 for further details.

When is the application deadline?

We encourage you to submit your competed application package well in advance of our Open House (Thursday, January 11, 2018). The official application deadline for the 2018-19 school year is Friday, January 19, 2018.

Students applying for Grades 4, 7, 8, or 9 will NOT be allowed to write the entrance/placement exam unless their complete application package has been submitted and processed prior to the application deadline.

What is the Open House and when is it?

The Open House is an excellent opportunity for parents and students to hear from the Vancouver College Board of Directors, Administrative Team, and a Senior School Student. It is also an opportunity to speak with teachers and students, and learn more about our Faith and Learning Community.

We invite all applicants and their families to attend the Annual Open House on Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

What do I need to know about applying for Kindergarten?

Vancouver College offers two Kindergarten classes of 13 students each. To be eligible for Kindergarten, boys must have turned five by December 31st of the year they begin Kindergarten.

Form D.2 must be completed by a teacher from the applicant's pre-school and submitted with the application package.

All Kindergarten applications are evaluated and applicants will be contacted for a personal interview with the Assistant Principal.

Elementary Assistant Principal: Ms. Barbara Seppelt

What do I need to know about applying for Elementary School (Grades 1- 6)?

Vancouver College accepts applications for all grade levels; however, in Elementary School, currently two (2) spaces are offered in Grade 4. Applicants for other grades are placed on a waiting list and should an opening occur, successful applicants are notified.

Grade 4 applicants are required to write an entrance/placement exam.

Exam Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Sign In: 8:30 am in the school cafeteria
Exam Time: 9 am – 10 am

Elementary Assistant Principal: Ms. Barbara Seppelt

What do I need to know about applying for Middle School (Grades 7, 8 and 9)?

Typically there are 30 spaces offered in grade 7 and 100 spaces in grade 8.

Applicants for Grade 9 are placed on a waiting list and should an opening occur, qualified applicants may be interviewed.

All students applying for Grade 7, 8 or 9 are required to write an entrance/placement exam.

Exam Date: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Sign In: 8:30 am in the Alumni Gymnasium
Exam Time: 9 am – 12:00 pm

Middle School Assistant Principal: Mr. Rob Kozikowski

What do I need to know about applying for Senior School (Grades 10, 11 and 12)?

Vancouver College accepts applications for all grade levels. In the event an opening becomes available in Grades 10, 11, or 12, qualified applicants may be interviewed by the Senior School Assistant Principal and/or School Principal in February & March and/or as needed.

Senior School Assistant Principal: Mr. Daryl Weaver

What does an International Student need to know about applying to Vancouver College?

While Vancouver College accepts international students, space for such students is limited given that the school is a faith-based school that serves the local Catholic community. We do not offer an international student program or related services. International Students apply as all other applicants; however, they are required to submit specific supporting documents as indicated on the "Applicant Documentation Checklist for International Students." As education is a partnership between the school and families, we strongly recommend that at least one parent of the international student reside in Greater Vancouver with the student.

Vancouver College does not offer assistance with homestay accommodation, medical insurance, immigration services, etc.

International Students applying to Middle and Senior School (Grade 7 – 12) must submit SSAT results taken within six months of their application. The requirement may be waived if the applicant is currently attending an International School and has sufficient proof of English proficiency that satisfies the Administration's requirements. Proof of proficiency includes a sample of work submitted during that academic year that is signed by the applicant's Principal or Head of School. The SSAT and/or Proof of English Proficiency will take the place of the Vancouver College Entrance/Placement Exam and therefore International students are not required to write this VC exam.

Qualified short listed applicants will be interviewed whether in person or online by the Principal and/or Assistant Principal at a pre-arranged, mutually convenient time.

Completed application form and supporting documents must be mailed or couriered to the attention of the Registrar accompanied by the appropriate application fee payable by cheque, bank draft or money order only. We do not accept credit card payments. All submitted documents must be in English or officially translated into English.

Do I need to write an Entrance/Placement exam?

ONLY those students applying for Grades 4, 7, 8 or 9 are required to write an entrance/placement exam scheduled on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

Grade 4
Sign In: 8:30 am in the School Cafeteria
Exam: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Grades 7, 8, 9
Sign In: 8:30 am in the Alumni Gymnasium
Exam: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Your Application must be on file or submitted by Friday, January 19, 2018 in order to be permitted to write the entrance/placement exam.

If my son wrote the Entrance/Placement Exam last year, does he have to write it again this year?

As your son is now applying for a new grade level, he is required to write the entrance/placement exam again . Your son's application will be enhanced with current information.

When are we notified about our son’s application status?

After the Administration team has reviewed all applications and entrance/placement exam results in the month following the exam, parents of all applicants will be notified regarding the status of their son's application by the first week of March.

Upon acceptance, parents will be sent a Registration Package. All requested forms and supporting documents must be completed and submitted to the Registrar together with a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,000 ($3,000 for International Students). Please note the registration will not be processed and completed unless all of the registration requirements are submitted to the school's Registrar by the deadline stated in the letter of acceptance.

The Tuition Statement will be sent in August with details regarding payment options.

As part of our registration process, all families new to Vancouver College are required to meet with the President and/or Director of Advancement of Vancouver College.

My son did not get accepted for this school year, what are our next steps?

If your son is not accepted he will automatically be placed on a waiting list. An applicant placed on the waiting list will continue to be considered for the following school year provided we receive a response to our "Request to Keep Application on File" form which is sent by email in November. For this reason, it is the parents/guardian's responsibility to provide the Registrar with a valid and current email address for communication purposes.

The completed form and all requested supporting documentation must be received by the deadline specified. Once these documents are received, the applicant's file will remain active. If these documents are not received, your son will be removed from our waiting list and a new application package must be submitted in order to be re-considered.

Parents must notify the Registrar of any changes in contact information.

Is there any after school care?

Vancouver College is pleased to offer our Finnegan After School Care Program with facilities on campus. We have limited space for after school sessions from 2:45 - 5:30 pm. We will consider applications for this program once students have been accepted and completed the registration process. Siblings will have priority. This program is only in operation during school days (i.e. no child care service will be available on Pro-D days, statutory holidays, and summer vacation). For more information, please contact the Elementary School Assistant Principal.