Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $8,600    for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and $22,860   for International Students.

Please read the attached letter from the Chair of the Vancouver College Board of Directors, Sue Dvorak, for further information on 2022-2023    tuition fees.

Blessed Edmund Rice Financial Assistance Program

No boy is ever turned away from Vancouver College because of financial means.

Our spiritual founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, dedicated his life to providing education for young people. In keeping with his vision, Vancouver College provides assistance with tuition and all other school activity fees for families in need of financial support through the Blessed Edmund Rice Financial Assistance Program.

The Blessed Edmund Rice Financial Assistance program is important to the Mission of the school. The process is confidential, personalized, and completely separate from the Student Application Process.

All parents who desire the broad Catholic education offered at Vancouver College for their sons(s) should apply to the school. If their son is accepted and the family requires some financial assistance, the parents are invited to apply for the Blessed Edmund Rice Financial Assistance Program.

The Application Process is described in the link below. Upon submission of the completed form to the Financial Assistance Committee through the school’s Director of Finance, Mrs. Kelly Lattimer, a personal and confidential appointment with Mrs. Lattimer will be scheduled to gain a better understanding of the family’s financial situation. Mrs. Lattimer is available to answer any questions parents may have at any point in this process and can be reached at 604-261-4285 (ext. 225) or at

Download Blessed Edmund Rice Application Process Information 

Download Blessed Edmund Rice Financial Assistance Application Form

"Pray, Brother, that God’s will may be fulfilled in me."
Blessed Edmund Rice (Ireland, 1762 – 1844)

Family Discount

The Family Discount for the 2022-2023    school year is as follows:

Family Discount for 2nd son $1,600
Family Discount for 3rd son $3,600
Family Discount for 4th son $5,650
No tuition payable for the 5th son

Families in need of the Family Discount MUST complete a Request for Family Discount Form and submit with registration or re-registration package ANNUALLY. Please complete the form in its entirety and return to the main office. A meeting with the Director of Finance and Facilities Management   may be required.

Discounts are not automatically given to families with multiple sons attending Vancouver College.

Please note that any amount taken as a family discount will be reflected as a decrease in the charitable portion of your tuition for which you receive a tax receipt.