Why Vancouver College?

As expressed in our Essential Elements, admission to Vancouver College is based upon the whole person. To that end, our admissions process is thorough, multifaceted, and draws upon evidence from numerous sources to best identify the boy who will thrive within the walls of our school community. Specifically, we are looking for boys who are:
  • Faith-filled, active in their parishes or faith communities, and whose spirituality imbues all they do.
  • Academically able or have the potential to thrive within our academic program.
  • Able to contribute their talents to our school outside of the classroom, through faith activities, athletics, arts, or clubs, as shown by their previous track record.
  • Of strong moral character, exhibiting goodness and a commitment to taking action to make our world a better and more just place.
We also have ‘priority considerations’, specifically:
  • Catholics engaged in their faith
  • Siblings Sons or grandsons of alumni
  • Sons of staff members
  • Other applicants who value a Catholic faith and learning community.
It is important that each applicant, including those who have priority consideration, invest in the admissions process as these ‘priority considerations’ are not guarantees of admission.
We ask that each applicant do their best to create a profile with depth, so we can best determine the degree of fit with our Vancouver College community and ensure that every boy can flourish.

 "Both Jason (VC’19) and his younger brother, Josh (VC'20), have flourished in VC’s environment of excellence, where Christian values are not just talked about but modelled by students, parents, faculty and staff. VC’s values-based education resonates with the values we hope our sons will embrace for life, values which are universal and eternal."

-  Ian Macdonald and Wendy MacLeod

Take a Virtual Tour

Under current COVID-19 restrictions and out of respect for the safety of all those currently on campus, we ask that  parents and families refrain from visiting Vancouver College in person  at this time.   Should the campus open up to in-person visits in the future, we will be sure to let all prospective families know.

In the meantime, please enjoy these virtual tours of the Vancouver College campus. 

Something For Everyone

Strong academic curriculum, high expectations, and a quest for excellence characterize a Christian Brother education. Vancouver College ensures that its curriculum promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person, fosters the development of higher-order thinking, and prepares its students for life-long learning. Vancouver College has an enrolment of 1060 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.


The curricula offered at Vancouver College follow the BC Ministry of Education requirements for graduation in the Province of British Columbia. Religious Education and Physical Education are graduation requirements at Vancouver College. 

Typically, one hundred percent of our graduating class are offered seats in various post secondary institutes in BC, Canada, and the United States, many of whom are awarded scholarships.


Vancouver College pursues to graduate men of faith and learning - young men with a social conscience, a practical Catholic Christian faith, and with skills to live this in society and for the good of society.

Vancouver College is an educational community based on the Gospels of Jesus in the charism of Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice was an Irish businessman who used his considerable wealth to begin a system of schools and a Religious Order, the Christian Brothers, whose mission is to help the less fortunate break the cycle of their poverty through education of the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Vancouver College offers a spiritual retreat program commencing in Grade 7 and culminating in Grade 12 with the Encounter weekend. All students participate fully in the faith and learning community of the school. There are many opportunities for students to engage in the process of integrating faith, life, and culture on individual and global levels (e.g. Pro-Life, March for Life, One World One Heart, Social Justice, Edmundian Association, etc.).

Student Activities

Vancouver College is well known for the high level of student participation in extramural sports. Athletic teams from Vancouver College have won many Provincial Championships in basketball, football, badminton, lacrosse, and track and field, National titles in rowing, and have placed high in other sports such as golf, tennis, rugby, and soccer.

Our coaches, who are faculty members, work very hard to create an environment that supports and encourages high achievement in athletics and academic work within our Catholic faith community. Our goal is to provide our student athletes with the resources necessary to compete to the full extent of their ability and to enjoy each aspect of their experience.

The Arts flourish at Vancouver College with strong choral, theatre, band, fine arts, public speaking, and debate programs. The choir and band perform and place well at various competitions provincially and participate in festivals internationally.

To become involved in the school community as well as the community in which they live, many students volunteer their time and talents in one of the many academic and non-academic clubs at the school and in their communities. Vancouver College strives to graduate well-rounded lifelong learners who are willing to participate in today's complex society.