Traffic Guidelines

Managing traffic safety continues to be a major priority at Vancouver College.

Kindergarten - Grade 3 parents are invited to park along 37th Ave, and walk with their sons to the new Main Elementary School    entrance as described  in the Elementary School Welcome Package.  While on the Vancouver College campus, these parents are asked to follow social distancing guidelines, and leave immediately after dropping off their sons .   Parents are invited to pick up their sons at their scheduled time by waiting in a socially distanced manner in the courtyard. 

Grade 4 - Grade 12 parents who are dropping and picking up their sons from the Vancouver College Campus must remain in their vehicles, and are asked to follow Traffic Guidelines found below.

Biking, walking, and private transportation to and from school are encouraged. Students  taking public transit are required to wear a mask.

First page of the PDF file: VCTrafficFlyer_9


Drop Off & Pick Up Zones 

There are only two access points to the school for students:

  • on the east side of Cartier Street for vehicles travelling northbound
  • on the west side of Hudson Street for vehicles travelling southbound

Please use the access point based on the direction from which you are approaching the school. A friendly reminder that the staff parking lot is not a drop-off zone for students.

West 38th Avenue between Hudson and Cartier Streets should not be used as this must be kept clear for Emergency and Fire vehicles at all times.


  • The Fire Department advises that it is dangerous to stop or park on the south side of 38th Avenue to drop off or pick up students, as this hinders the exiting of their trucks from the fire station.
  • The school parking lot is for staff use only. There are to be NO drop offs or pick-ups in the school parking lot.
  • While there is some on-street parking available for vehicles, drivers are reminded to not park in front of homes in our neighbourhood, and are encouraged to park along W 37th Ave.

 Please familiarize yourself with the Vancouver College traffic guidelines and the City of Vancouver Parking Bylaws, a copy of which can be obtained from the City Clerk (604-873-7276) or by e-mail: Cars inappropriately or illegally parked on residential streets may be ticketed and towed. Please be respectful of our neighbours.

Ticketing Issues

We are aware that parents dropping off their sons on the east side of Cartier Street are being ticketed by the City of Vancouver. To prevent ticketing:
  • Do NOT stop in the red "Ticketing Area" shown in the picture below. (This area is a 25 meter long stretch in front of the Manrell Hall loading zone, between two No Stopping signs.)
  • If you are driving north along the east side of Cartier Street, "Safe Zones" include:
    • An 115 meter long stretch that runs alongside O'Hagan field (begins just after 41st Ave) to the start of the "Ticketing Area"
    • An 80 meter long stretch that runs north of the "Ticketing Area" between 39th Ave and 38th Ave
  • If you are in a "Safe Zone" please do your best to pull all the way up to the corner of Cartier and 38th to give other parents behind you space to stop
  • If you are south of the "Ticketing Area" (closer to 41st Ave) and there is no room to pull ahead, feel free to drop your son off alongside O'Hagan field