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Edmundian Association

The mission of the Edmundian Association at Vancouver College is to lead the community in fostering a faith community whose members seek to live the Gospel in their daily lives through direct and reliable service to staff and parents.

This is expressed in:

  1. efforts at sharing the Gospel with others through direct service;
  2. team work and collaboration;
  3. trying our best to model leadership, professionalism, and faithful service to others.

The Edmundians are composed of students between grades 10-12 who are committed to an ethic of care and service. By offering excellence in academics, dress code, behavior, conduct and service, the Edmundians work to provide an environment in which students can flourish, grow and experience leadership and competence for creating a community of learners which is constructive, empowering, just and diverse.

The primary commitments of the Edmundians: prayer, service to the Vancouver College community, and hospitality to visitors and guests to our school.

Students have been interested in getting involved to such a degree that we formed the Junior Edmundians for students looking to be involved in the life of the school in grade 9. The Junior Edmundians are a group of Grade 9 students committed to the philosophy and mission statement of the Edmundians of Vancouver College. Service, in a variety of ways, to the community is the primary objective of the Junior Edmundians. The Juniors will be working at developing their ministry at Vancouver College and coordinating further with the Senior Edmundians.

Leadership of the Edmundians is through an appointed Executive Team of able and responsible students who make sure our assignments are completed and done with care and a commitment to excellence. Students and parents are asked to commit to all of our responsibilities through regular attendance and direct service as required. Any student who cannot commit may be asked to step down from his position in the association. Usually missing (3) major events without valid excuse will result in giving up one's position. In all we strive for service, faith, and excellence!