Campus Ministry

At Vancouver College we challenge ourselves to graduate men of 'faith and learning.' It is good to regularly ask, "Just what is this faith - and what are we hoping to learn?" Vancouver College is an educational community based on the Gospels of Jesus in the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. Edmund Rice was an Irish businessman who used his considerable wealth to begin a system of schools and a Religious Order that would be in relationship with the poor of society in such a way as to help them break the cycle of their poverty.

Our ultimate goal is to graduate young men with a social conscience, with a practical Catholic Christian faith and with skills to live this in society and for the good of society. We would hope that our past students as the future doctors, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, parents and politicians of society would have the mindset that motivated Jesus of Nazareth.

We, a team of staff and students working in various capacities within the umbrella of Campus Ministry, believe that in the honest and respectful sharing of story people will change and the Kingdom of Love that Jesus so often spoke about will become a reality in our world.

Each year we as a school will focus on one of the eight Essential Elements. We challenge students, staff, parents, administration, and the board to look for ways to implement this yearly focus in their activities and work. We all share this commitment to the life and charism of Edmund Rice.
  • Father Juan Lucca, Chaplain
  • Maureen Wicken - Religion Department Head
  • Paul Shin - Senior Edmundians
  • Lilian Vernier - Campus Minister Outreach and Service
  • Andrea Prout-Bernett - Campus Minister Liturgy Coordinator
  • Paul Legge - Campus Minister and Retreat Director

Liturgical Life

Our School Liturgies are always the most important moment in the life of our school community. We are continually working and enriching and developing our celebrations. 

Opening School Liturgy - September 28, 2019
Advent/Christmas Liturgy - December 18 2019
Ash Wednesday - February 26 2020
Mother's Day Liturgies - May 5    2020
School Wide Year End Mass - June 3 2020
Graduation Liturgy - June 24  2020

Grade Level Masses 

In addition to the above school-wide liturgies, there are opportunities for students to fully participate during Grade Level Masses. These Masses, which are scheduled to take place throughout the year, will be held at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. 

Please see the School Calendar for Grade level masses and any changes/updates.