Vancouver College students are offered the opportunity to experience retreats from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Encounter Retreats

Grade 12 - Encounter Retreats are held at Camp Stillwood in Cultus Lake in October, February, and April. See Mr. Accilli, Br. Gattone, or Mrs. Vernier for further details. While this is not a compulsory retreat, students are required to sign up in advance. Permission and Medical Forms are required to be signed, with a Parent Night held prior to each Encounter Retreat to provide more information. Leadership is provided by a team of students led by the Rector. Students interested in being part of the Team on an Encounter should indicate in an email to Br. Gattone (October), Mrs . Prout-Bernett (February)    or Mrs. Vernier (April) in advance stating interests and commitment.

Encounter Leadership Team Application

If you are interested in submitting your name for one of the leadership positions on an Encounter Retreat you are asked to submit in writing a typed summary of two questions. This should be given to the Directors of each Encounter well in advance of the particular Encounter Retreat:

  1. Why do you want to be a leader on an Encounter Retreat?
  2. What do you feel you can contribute to the Encounter Retreat?

Pilgrimage 11 Retreats

Grade 11 - Pilgrimage Retreats are held at Loon Lake in Maple Ridge in December and April.  While this is not a compulsory retreat, students are  required to sign up in advance.

Permission and Medical Forms are required, with  lists of What to Bring  provided by the Staff and Student Directors. Leadership for this retreat is provided by a Team of students  lead by the Rector. See Mr. Paul Legge for further details.

Students interested in being part of the Team on a Pilgrimage should indicate in an email to Mr. Legge in advance stating interests and commitment.

Emmaus 10 Retreats

The Emmaus Retreat is held over a one-day period  and includes    all Grade 10 students.

This is a compulsory retreat at Vancouver College. Permission Forms are required as the retreat takes place during the regular school day hours.

The location of the retreat varies from year to year, with leadership provided by students in grades    11 and 12 providing    Group Leadership.

If you are in Grade 11 or 12 and interested in being a leader, please see Mrs. Vernier or Mr. Legge.

Middle School Retreats

Grade 7, 8, and 9 Retreats - Please contact your son's Religion Teacher or Mr. Paul Legge for further information. These retreats are compulsory and are held on Vancouver College's campus.

The Grade 7 Retreat, "Servant and Friend," encompasses many topics that affect boys coming into Middle School, some of whom are coming from other schools. The day begins with a prayer and some icebreaker games. We also discuss and share thoughts about the importance of inclusion and respect for others with a focus on learning to see all sides of an issue before making a decision in life. The mid-day component looks at the life of Blessed Edmund Rice followed by a few team building activities. The afternoon continues with a look at how we can be a friend and servant to all members of our community while trying to create a brotherhood here at Vancouver College.

The Grade 8 Retreat, "One in the Spirit," begins with a prayer, some icebreaker games and a closer look at the mass. Following the introduction the boys participate in an activity that focuses on the sacredness and value of life. This is followed by an activity focusing on bullying and ways to overcome and prevent bullying. The mid-day component looks at the qualities of a good friend and the importance of nurturing and valuing friendships. The afternoon focuses on each student's unique physical and spiritual gifts followed by a reflection on their Confirmation. The day ends with a look at Catholics around the world and some team building activities.

The Grade 9 Retreat, "Who Do You Say That I Am," focuses on the student looking at his inner self. The day starts with activities that look at self-esteem and ways to improve ones self-esteem. A number of speakers from within the school and outside of the school discuss and share information with the boys about of the "temptations” that they might face during these adolescent years having to do with drugs & alcohol and sexuality. Ms. Beck provides some information on stress and anxiety and provides students with some excellent resources for them to use if needed. The afternoon focuses on the student's sense of self-worth and the topic of vocations as well as a brief discussion on careers and career choices.