Vancouver College Parents Association

Dear Vancouver College Families,

The Vancouver College Parents Association (VCPA) would like to extend a warm welcome to all
new and returning Vancouver College families. We know that the school administration has
planned a safe return to school for all our boys and will do their utmost to optimize the faith
and learning experience for our boys this year.
All VCPA members are parents and or guardians of Vancouver College students and the purpose
of the VCPA is to support school administration through:
  • Supporting the school’s Mission and Vision
  • Encouraging all families to participate in school activities
  • Encouraging dialogue within our parent community
  • Parent education
  • Fundraising
  • Assisting with charitable activities outside school by which students put their Catholic faith into action. 
The VCPA has a legacy of serving the needs of our students and enriching their educational
experience through successful community building, fundraising and outreach events. Thanks to
our collective efforts, we raised over $320,000 last year, each dollar benefiting our sons this
year and into the future.

We are grateful that this year we will be able to have a greater parent presence on campus
than last year, however we will continue to follow the public health orders to ensure a safe and
healthy campus for all. We will offer the best option based on the information we have, so
expect some in person, some virtual and some hybrid events.

The VCPA will send out a weekly E-Newsletter every Thursday. This is your main source of up-
to-date information on VCPA / parent related activities, including parent participation
opportunities. Please also review this section of the VC website for all sorts of parent related 
information and the Parent Participation Program Homepage for volunteer opportunities.

Vancouver College’s Parent Participation Program (PPP) is integral to building and maintaining
our strong community. Our PPP supports many fundraising events, sports activities, and other
events which create community, support our sons, and raise needed funds for the school.
Families are required to complete 30 hours of parent participation each year. We encourage all
Vancouver College families to participate as fully as possible in building our faith and learning
community, to the benefit of all our sons. 

Our OnVolunteers portal is the key tool for parents to browse and sign up for parent
participation opportunities. Login instructions for new parents can be found on our PPP
e. This page also includes a link to OnVolunteers, a Quick Start Video, a list of
volunteer opportunities, and other reference information about the PPP. This year, most
volunteer opportunities will be posted by the end of September, so parents who log in early will
have the most choices.

The VCPA traditionally hosts several events and supports many activities each year. Like last
year, we will be adjusting and/or re-imagining them to ensure they are safe and accessible.

Our annual gala, traditionally held in November each year. This year we will be hosting a
modified event on Saturday, November 6 th . More details will be revealed this fall so stay tuned.

Our festive Christmas Tea and Bazaar catering to moms, grandmas, alumni moms, traditionally
held in early December each year. This year the Mothers Christmas Tea will be held on
Saturday, December 4 th reimagined as an outdoor walk-through Christmas Marketplace.

Our annual family fair, held in May each year. This year Mayfair will be held on Saturday, May
14 th . Stay tuned for how this event may be hosted and/or re-imagined this year.

Our General Events team organizes many events at the school throughout the year. This list will
be continually updated but here is what we are planning for at the start of the school year.

  • September Welcome Back BBQs – Cancelled
  • September Parent Orientation Evenings – Virtual
  • October 13th – President’s Honour Society Assembly &  Reception
  • November 10th – Remembrance Day Service & Reception            

Our VC program designed to ensure the safe drop off and pick up of our students. Our Safe
Streets Program has changed this year. It is no longer mandatory for each family to complete
one shift of Safe Streets. Instead, we are building a team of parent members and leaders who
will be empowered to make a positive difference to the safety of our children during arrival and
pickup and will dedicate themselves to between 5 and 25 safe streets shifts each year. 
If you are interested in joining the Safe Streets Team, please register in OnVolunteers, and then
also register for the shifts and training of your choice.

The VCPA is looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year. We will continue to support school
administration in new and re-imagined ways.  And we will continue the tradition of excellence
that has been established at Vancouver College by the families who came before us. We look
forward to seeing many new, as well as familiar faces at VCPA events and activities this year.
Wishing you and your children a safe and successful year full of growth, faith and learning! 

Semper fidelis,
Susie Stewart on behalf of the VCPA Executive