Vancouver College Parents Association


Dear Vancouver College Families,

The Vancouver College Parents Association (VCPA) would like to extend a WARM WELCOME to all new and returning Vancouver College families.

This upcoming school year will be challenging, but our school administration has planned carefully for a SAFE RETURN TO SCHOOL for all of our boys and will do their utmost to optimize the faith and learning experience for our boys this year.  


All VCPA MEMBERS are parents and guardians of Vancouver College students.

The PURPOSE of the VCPA is to support school administration through

  1. Supporting the school’s Mission and Vision
  2. Encouraging all families to participate in school activities
  3. Encouraging dialogue within our parent community
  4. Parent education
  5. Fundraising
  6. Assisting with charitable activities outside school by which students put their Catholic faith into action. 

The VCPA has a LEGACY of serving the needs of our students and enriching their educational experience through successful community building, fundraising and outreach events. Thanks to our collective efforts, we raised over $308,000 last year, each dollar benefiting our sons this year and into the future.

For the near term, for health and safety reasons, we will have a REDUCED PARENT PRESENCE ON CAMPUSThis will impact VCPA activities, but with flexibility, openness to change and a focus on collaboration and support for our community, together as one team we will successfully navigate the challenges we face this year.


The VCPA traditionally hosts a number of events and supports many activities each year.  In this pandemic year, the VCPA, in collaboration with the school’s administration team, will be adjusting and/or re-imagining these events and activities, including:

  • Finnegan Ball:
    Our annual gala, traditionally held in November each year.
    • A traditional Finnegan Ball won’t be held this year, but a Finnegan Ball Fund the Need and other physically distant activities will be planned in lieu, stay tuned.
  • Mothers Christmas Tea:
    Our festive Christmas Tea and Bazaar catering to moms, grandmas, alumni moms, traditionally held in early December each year.
    • December 2, 2020 – The Mothers Christmas Tea team is hoping to host a modified virtual Tea, plus online sales of traditional Tea merchandise, stay tuned.
  • Mayfair:
    Our annual family fair, traditionally held in May each year.
    • May 8, 2021 – Stay tuned for how this event may be hosted and/or re-imagined this year.
  • Other Social Events:
    • September Welcome Back BBQs – Unfortunately, cancelled.
    • September Parent-Teacher Orientation Evenings – Online.
    • Stay tuned for updates on other Social Events closer to the traditional dates thereof.
  • Safe Streets:
    Our VC program designed to ensure the safe drop off and pick up of our students.
    • Our Safe Streets program (partially staffed by VC parent volunteers) will proceed with new shift times and safety protocols.  All drivers need to adhere to traffic guidelines and parents are asked to sign up for at least one Safe Streets shift, in the OnVolunteers portal.  


Vancouver College’s PARENT PARTICIPATION PROGRAM is integral to building and maintaining our strong community.  Families are typically asked to complete at least 30 hours of parent participation each year (including 5 hours fundraising and 1 hour Safe Streets).  In the 2020-2021 school year, for COVID health and safety reasons, parents are being asked to reduce their presence on campus, resulting in many VCPA events and activities being re-imagined (and some cancelled).  It may be that our parent participation requirement will be reduced this year, but this will be determined as the year unfolds.  In the meantime, we encourage all Vancouver College families to participate as fully as possible in building our faith and learning community, to the benefit of all our sons. 

Our OnVolunteers portal is the key tool for parents to sign up for parent participation opportunities.  Instructions and help for logging in can be found on our PPP Homepage.  Due to the pandemic, parent participation opportunities will only be made available in the portal once events and activities are confirmed to proceed and all health and safety measures are in place.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new normal.


  • VCPA communications are via Thursday’s VCPA E-NEWSLETTER This is your main source of information on VCPA / parent related activities, including parent participation opportunities.
  • Please also see the PARENTS PAGE OF THE VC WEBSITE for parent related information and log into the OnVolunteers portal for volunteer opportunities.

The VCPA is looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to support school administration and Vancouver College's Our Next Century Campaign in new and re-imagined ways.  And we will continue the tradition of excellence that has been established at Vancouver College by the families who came before us.  We look forward to seeing many new, as well as familiar, faces at (virtual, re-imagined) VCPA events and activities this year.

Wishing you and your children a safe and successful year full of growth, faith and learning! 

Semper fidelis,

Celia Courchene on behalf of the VCPA Executive