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Please note - A decision regarding the Parent Participation Program due to the COVID-19 virus will be made towards the end of April, 2020.  Thank you for your patience. 

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Parent Participation Program

Starting in September 2019 – we have a new website and a new process!

Please  review the help guides above to understand how to login to our new website and our new process.

Vancouver College’s Parent Participation Program is designed to support our sons and develop community at our school.  The program supports many events, activities and wonderful traditions that make your son’s experience so amazing.  This exceptional experience is possible thanks to the volunteer hours of our parent community. 

In addition to the benefits to our sons, the fundraising efforts of the program raise monies to support school needs and wish list items.   Approximately $348,000 was raised in the 2018/2019 school year and turned over to the school.

We encourage you to be a part of our community, meet parents, get involved, and support our school.