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How to Log In For the First Time & Update Your Family Account

NEW Parent Participation Program

How to login for the first time:

1.     Click on the FIND VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES link above.

2.     Username: your email address

Password: (default) PP@VC2019

If you can’t login, try using your spouse’s email address.  The system was initially populated with only one email per family.  You can add another user and email when you update your family account. 

How to update your family account:

After your first login it is important that you perform the following steps to keep your account safe and to validate that your family information is correct.   You will only need to do this once.  Click on your name in the top right menu bar to access your account information, and do the following:

1.     Confirm First User information:

Check that the username is the email address of the parent that does the most volunteering!  If it is not, change it to the email address for this parent.  

Confirm that the First Name, Last Name and Email match this user.   If any are incorrect, please change.   

2.     Reset your password for the first user, by clicking on the Reset Password button.   

3.     Add Second User information:

If your spouse will be volunteering, you must add your spouse into the system, so that we have their name and user information when they show up to volunteer.  Otherwise we are unable to connect your spouse to your family.  Add your spouse’s email address as the username, and add the first and last name and email for your spouse.  Set a password for your spouse.

If your spouse will not be volunteering, you don’t need to add him/her into the system.

4.     Write down your usernames and passwords in a secure location, for future reference.

5.     DO NOT update your child’s information.  If it is incorrect, please contact us at and provide your full name, child’s full name and grade, and a description of the issue.  

6.     Click “Save my profile” at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Need help?

Our new volunteer website is easy to use and very intuitive.  Please watch our Quick Start Video and read the “How to volunteer & receive your hours” below, for information on how to sign up for volunteer opportunities and our new process.

If you are unable to login with either your own or your spouse’s email, please contact us at, and include your son’s full name and grade, for faster troubleshooting.

How to Volunteer & Receive Your Hours

Step 1 – LOGIN

Login to the Parent Volunteer Website by clicking on the FIND VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES link above.    

Login with your username (your email address) and password.  See “How to login for the first time & update your family account” if it is your first time logging in. 

If you forget your password, follow the procedure on the login page to reset it (check your junk folder if you don’t receive a password reset email within a few minutes). 


From the homepage of the Parent Volunteer Website, you will see tasks listed in the “People Needed” section.  Don’t forget to scroll down to see all of the tasks.  If the People Needed section is empty, then all current tasks are filled.  Rest assured that there will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.  You can check back at any time to look for opportunities, and the website will push out emails to you announcing opportunities.

You can also view volunteer opportunities by clicking on “Activities” and then “Activities” again, which presents the opportunities in a different view.  Expand the list to see the available tasks. 

Click on a task to take you to the details about the task, and if you’d like to register to do the task, click on the checkbox to the right, and hit “register”.    

Please do not register for tasks “just in case” as it makes planning very difficult for coordinators.   

If you need more help, click on “How-To” in the top right menu bar, and watch the “how to view activities and tasks” video to learn more. 

Step 3 - SHOW UP

When you show up to do the task, you will be asked to sign a Sign-In Sheet, as evidence of your participation.  You may be asked to sign out as well.

If you registered for the task using the website, your hours are automatically tracked for you.  There is no further need for you to log these hours.  Please see the My Activities and Summary boxes on your homepage.  

If you did more hours than were posted, the coordinator for the task will adjust your hours for you, based on the Sign In Sheet.  DO NOT submit an ad hoc request for adjustments to hours.  Reach out to the coordinator for the task, if the hours do not get adjusted.

If you do not show up for a task that you registered for in the website, you will be assessed as a “no–show” and those hours will be removed from your account.  So remember to sign    in when you show up!


Step 4 - AD HOC

You only need to use the AD HOC process for volunteer work that was NOT listed for sign up on the Parent Volunteer Website. 

In this case, you are responsible to submit your hours for tasks that you did for Staff,    a Teacher, or a Coordinator and were NOT listed for sign-up on the Parent Volunteer Website.

Please enter these hours using the AD HOC area found on the homepage.  Enter AD HOC hours ONLY if you did not register for that volunteer task on the Parent Volunteer Website.

Ad hoc hours may be approved or denied, and may be audited. Ad hoc requests for activities that were posted in the website, will be denied

Please use the category that best fits your ad hoc request. The categories “Miscellaneous” and “Athletics” have been set up as general buckets that can be used for most Ad Hoc requests.  Be sure to include the full name of the coordinator that can verify your hours.

If you need more help, click on “How-To” in the top right menu bar, and watch the “how to submit ad hoc task requests” video, or watch out Quick Start Video, found on this webpage. 

Need more help?

If you still need help after watching the videos, please contact us at

Volunteer Opportunities & Requirements



Safe Streets Manual

Every Vancouver College parent is part of the Safe Streets Team, with each family volunteering a minimum of ONE shift per school year.

Every volunteer must read the  Safe Streets Manual    and understand the procedures and laws that are explained before their first shift.


Parent Participation Program

Starting in September 2019 – we have a new website and a new process!

Please  review the help guides above to understand how to login to our new website and our new process.

Vancouver College’s Parent Participation Program is designed to support our sons and develop community at our school.  The program supports many events, activities and wonderful traditions that make your son’s experience so amazing.  This exceptional experience is possible thanks to the volunteer hours of our parent community. 

In addition to the benefits to our sons, the fundraising efforts of the program raise monies to support school needs and wish list items.   Approximately $348,000 was raised in the 2018/2019 school year and turned over to the school.

We encourage you to be a part of our community, meet parents, get involved, and support our school. 

Program Details

Donated items: No Participation Hours will be given for donations when tax receipts are issued. In keeping with the PPP goal of encouraging participation by parents in school events exchanging hours for donations is not encouraged.

Pre-arranged Commitment: Parents who attend a volunteer event without reserving a time slot will be turned away if there are enough volunteers for that event.

Major Fund Raiser Commitments:   Families are required to complete a minimum of five of their total thirty volunteer hours at one of our three major fundraising events. These events include - Mayfair, Mothers' Christmas Tea, and Finnegan Ball. 

Safe Streets Commitment:   Families are required to complete a minimum of one of their total thirty volunteer hours supporting our Safe Streets program. 

Goodwill Cheques & The Parent Participation Agreement

As part of your son’s registration package, you will have filled out a parent participation agreement and made a choice to participate or not. 

For families who choose TO participate:
You will enclose a goodwill cheque for $750.00 post-dated for the end of the upcoming school year, that is, post-dated for June 30 of the next calendar year. When your participation hours are completed, the cheque will be destroyed. If you complete a portion of the 30 hours, the number of hours that were not completed will be billed to you at a rate of $25/hour, and the cheque will be destroyed.  If you do not complete any hours, your cheque will be cashed on June 30th.

For families who choose NOT to participate:
Families who choose not to participate enclose a cheque for $750.00 post-dated for the first school day of the upcoming school year (usually the Tuesday after Labour Day).  The cheque will be cashed on this day.

For Coordinators Who Need Volunteers

 If you are a coordinator and need volunteers, we can help you get your jobs posted.  Please contact Erika Tse ( for all Athletics positions, or Donna Salahub ( for all other positions.    

Please allow one week for Erika or Donna to set up your activity for you, and allow yourself a few days to build or confirm the details, prior to publishing.  Parents also need time to plan, and to login to the website and register.  Therefore, you should contact us about three weeks before your activity starts, to ensure that there will be enough time to be successful.