VCPA Parent Education - “ParentTALKS”

Vancouver College’s vision is to prepare its students for a life dedicated to achievement, leadership and service to the Church and community. Ultimately striving to raise better men. ParentTALKS is a Parent Education Program sponsored by the Vancouver College Parent Association. It provides complementary education to the parents to assist in raising Vancouver College men.


Mission Statement

ParentTALKS provides education to Vancouver College parents. The topics will vary, but the purpose of the TALKS is to identify the issues, educate on the theory and/or point of- view AND give practical suggestions to aid in parenting. The TALKS are not meant to scare, blame, sermonize or sell products. The TALKS are to provide ideas and open discussions. In addition, the TALKS gather parents to support each other in the difficult task of bringing up fine young men.

If you have any questions or suggestions for ParentTALKS please contact Monica Morris    or  Karrie Bogart


2020-2021 Talks