Volunteer Opportunities

For all questions about Parent Participation please contact us.

Ella Chan
Parent Participation
Email Address: vcppp@mail.vc.bc.ca

For more information on the Parent's Participation Program, please visit: http://vc.vanbc.org/

Parent Association Executive

VC Parent Association(VCPA) Executive – There are 13 positions on the Executive, The VCPA represents parents, liaises with school administration, and manages the fundraising aspects of the VC Parent Association. Positions on the VCPA Executive include: President, Vice President, Parent Participation Program Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications, Acquisitions, Mayfair Coordinator, Finnegan Ball Coordinator, Mothers’ Christmas Tea Coordinator, ParentTalks Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, and Social Coordinator. Executive positions are a 3-year commitment.

A parent will receive one participation hour for attending a VC Parent Association(VCPA) Meeting


Mayfair (MF) – This is the largest fundraising event of the school year. Mayfair includes concession stands, merchandise tents, plants and flowers, midway and games. There are 40-50 activities each requiring one head convener and a total of 350 volunteers. Organizing starts in September and regular meetings start in January continuing until the first week of May.

Click Here to sign up.

Finnegan Ball (FB) – This evening of live and silent auctions provides significant support to many projects funded by the VC Parent Association. Approximately 75-100 volunteers are required during the time between March and November to organize the event. Volunteer opportunities include conveners for activities such as decorations, raffle, cash desk, silent and live auctions, set up, security, and acquisitions. The FB committee meets monthly from March to June and again in August and September. In October and November, meetings are weekly.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca

Mothers’ Christmas Tea (MCT) – This VC tradition is held in early December in the Alumni Gym and is an opportunity to purchase merchandise, baked goods, flowers, and craft items as well as participate in the silent auction. Parents are needed to work with the event convener to set up, host, and clean up.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca

Acquisitions Committee (ACQ) – Parents are needed to work with the convener of acquisitions, to solicit goods or services that can be auctioned, sold or raffled at the Finnegan Ball, Mayfair, and Mothers’ Christmas Tea events.

Please contact VCPP Program chair at vcpaacquisitions@gmail.com


Dress Down Days (DDD) – Parents are needed for monthly student dress down days to sort donated clothing and other donated items, as well as to price them. The day begins at 8:30am and usually ends in the early afternoon. This is a MAYFAIR sub-event.

Please contact Leslie Roque at lesroque@gmail.com

Walkathon (WALK) – A maximum of 30 parents can sign up with the convener to volunteer in the VC walkathon. Duties include working at checkpoints, serving lunch, and supervising crosswalks. A maximum of 5 hours per family is permitted to be claimed. Only the 30 families who have signed up to volunteer in the walkathon can claim these hours.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca

Sports Program (SP) – Parents with boys on athletic teams are responsible for providing assistance to the teams. Team activities that are eligible for parent participation credit include team driving, game admissions, tournament organization, and other supporting activities.

Parents will hear about these opportunities from their son’s athletic team coordinators and coaches

Concession (CON) – Parents are needed to work in the concession stands during sports events and other special events. One example is the concession at the VC football varsity game. Parents are needed to do some shopping, set up, clean up, running the barbeque, or handling the cash.

Please contact Theresa Belton at marites@telus.net

Youth for Life Day (YLD) – Parents are needed to help organize this event including food preparation, serving, set up, sidewalk supervision, and driving students. A maximum of 10 hours is permitted to be claimed per family; this includes a maximum of 2 hours for home baking.

Please contact Rosabel Crisologo at lcrisologo@shaw.ca

Pro-Life (PL) – Parents are required to help organize the student pro-life conference in the spring when VC hosts the event every second year. Duties include organizing door prizes, and preparing and serving food. A maximum of 2 hours is permitted to be claimed per family for home baking.

Please contact Rosabel Crisologo at lcrisologo@shaw.ca

Open House (OH) – The VC open house occurs in January. Parents are needed on the evening of the event to set up, serve, and refill refreshments and drinks, and to clean up.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca


Library Assistance (LA) – In the VC elementary school library, there are weekly duties as well as a November book fair that require parent volunteers. The weekly elementary school library duties can include: checking books in and out, shelving, indexing, filing, laminating, and tidying up. The VC middle and senior school library on the other hand often have our senior school students to assist to fulfill their mandatory volunteer requirement, and the middle and senior school library usually does not require parent volunteers.

Please contact Lori Olson at olsons@shaw.ca to inquire about VC elementary school library volunteering

Office Help (OH) – The VC school offices appreciate parents to help with administration duties such as assist with copying, stuffing envelopes, and providing lunchtime relief for the switchboard operator.

Please contact Lydia Yu at lyu@mail.vc.bc.ca

Safe Streets Patrol (SSP) – For the safety of VC students, parents are needed to patrol the streets around the school at designated locations from 7:50am to 8:30am and from 2:30pm to 3:10pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and as well from 8:50am to 9:30am and from 2:30pm to 3:10 pm every Wednesday.

Each family is asked to kindly do street patrol for at least one hour per school year.

Please contact Scarlett Mcgladery at scarlett@mcgladery.com

Elementary Lunch Supervision (ELS) – Elementary lunch supervision assistance is required in the VC elementary playground and the VC cafeteria. Timing: daily from 11:00am to 11:30am in the cafeteria, and 11:30am to 12:00pm outside or inside on rainy days.

Hallway Supervision (HS) - 4 parents are needed daily from 11:50am to 1:50pm to supervise in the VC hallways during the middle and senior school lunch hour. Please ask the coordinator Scarlett Chen to go over the brief school instruction and protocol given by the middle and senior school assistant principals.

Please contact Scarlett Chen at szporto@hotmail.com

Drama Department(DD) – Over the course of the year, the Drama Department requires volunteers to help in various capacities such as setting up the stage and props, working at concessions, etc.

Please contact Nicole McDonald at nmcdonald@mail.vc.bc.ca for information on volunteer opportunities and timing.

Music Department(MD) – Over the course of the year, the Music Department requires volunteers to help in various capacities such as photocopying, and organizing files and musical instruments.

Please contact Larry Olson at lolson@mail.vc.bc.ca for information on volunteer opportunities and timing.

General Opportunities

Baking (BK) – Homemade baking is appreciated throughout the year for fundraising events as well as special events. For example, Mayfair, Mothers’ Christmas Tea, VC Open House. Hours credited: one hour for 1 whole cake; one hour for 2 dozen cookies, muffins, brownies, or squares. No credit will be given for purchased bakeries and merchandise.

Parents will hear about these opportunities from the online VCPA newsletters and from their class parents

Craft Making (CM) – Parents with an interest in arts are needed to help make crafts for our fundraising events such as Finnegan Ball, Mothers’ Christmas Tea, and Mayfair. The craft group meets every Thursday during the year.

Please contact Clarissa Tai at craftingvc@gmail.com

Host Family (HF) – Occasionally, parents are needed to host visiting students for academic or athletic exchanges. A family can receive 25 hours for hosting a student.

Please contact Kelly Lattimer at klatimer@mail.vc.bc.ca about these opportunities


Web Pages and E-Communications (WEB) – Parents skilled in web page development and maintenance are required to assist in building and updating web pages, and managing e-communications to parents.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca

Leadership roles – We are in need of parents who are interested in taking an active role in the VC Parent Association or who are able to convene for an event.

Please contact the VCPA at VCPA@mail.vc.bc.ca