Senior School Academics

The Senior School at Vancouver College consists of approximately 480 young men in grades 10-12. As students enter Senior School, the most noticeable difference is the increased focus on independence and responsibility. Upon graduation each student is expected to "leave here a better man."

Academically, each Senior School student will study a minimum of eight courses each year, providing him with the opportunity to meet and exceed Ministry of Education graduation requirements as well as university admission requirements. Although the major focus in the Senior School is on academic rigor, there is a variety of support available through our Learning Assistance and Student Services Departments so that all students may achieve success.

Spiritually, the boys will have annual retreats in which they are encouraged to participate. In addition, there are many leadership roles available to the senior students through our very active Campus Ministry.

Athletically, in addition to our junior varsity and varsity teams, students are encouraged to become active through their physical education classes and our daily intramural program.

Extended Absence Form

As per our  Common  Assessment Practices, Senior School students who will be missing more than two days of class, are asked to complete an Extended Absence Form, with  input from each teacher, prior to their departure.