The Learning Centre

Vancouver College has developed The Learning Centre (TLC) to support students with their learning through a variety of programs.

We provide assistance to learners with diverse needs through collaboration between the student, family, TLC staff, classroom teachers, and school administrators, together for the individual success of every student.

Vancouver College will endeavour to provide the resources required to support learning for all students, including special needs students who have enrolled at Vancouver College in accordance with the Admissions Policy of the School.

Students who are offered admission to Vancouver College may request support from TLC by meeting with TLC teachers and submitting documentation of the exceptional learning profile. Please note that there is no additional fee for participation in TLC.

TLC treats all documentation as confidential.

Services Provided by TLC

Elementary, Middle and Senior Schools

Academic Resource Options

  • Option to take a block of study with an emphasis on curricular support and mentoring in organization, time-management, and study skills.
  • 1:1 tutoring support after school Monday through Thursday.
  • Assistance with reading, written language, and math as needed.
  • Individual/small group subject matter tutoring and peer mentorship.
  • Support with self-advocacy, executive functioning, and growth mind-set.
  • Classroom accommodations as appropriate based on documentation/student need.
  • Subscription to Google learning tools, IXL, and other on-line learning tools.
  • Training and self- and emotional-regulation.
  • Access to a registered psychologist (limited availability).
  • Social thinking groups.
  • PATH planning for transitioning to teen and/or adult life, depending on the age and stage of the student.


Individual Education Plan (IEP) Accommodations (for Elementary, Middle, and Senior Schools):

Vancouver College, through the development of the IEP, helps define the level and nature of reasonable accommodations provided to student in both the classroom and TLC. The students IEP accommodations are based on student need, documentation, as well as the availability of Vancouver College personnel and resources.

Support Provided by TLC

Elementary, Middle, and Senior Schools

  • Consultation with Vancouver College families for at-risk and under achieving students.
  • Referrals to testing resources for documentation and diagnosis.
  • Individual student support and conferences, as needed for TLC students.
  • Liaison between parent, students, and faculty regarding student needs.
  • Faculty resource for information on learning differences and classroom strategies.
  • Assistance by TLC in applying for appropriate accommodations from College Board and the ACT and Canadian Post-Secondary institutions.

Elementary School

Elementary School

The Learning Centre in our Elementary School, Grades K - 6, provides a supportive, individualized learning environment and in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Special Education Policy and Individual Education Plans (IEPs). We work with students within their classrooms as well as a pull in to TLC for regular small group sessions. The classroom teacher and the resource teacher and education assistant work closely and collaboratively, following the goals and objectives set out in the Individual Education Plan.

Vancouver College has developed The Learning Centre (TLC) to support students with their learning through a variety of programs.

Please contact Ms. Paige Skinner, Resource Teacher, for more information.

Middle & Senior Schools

Middle & Senior Schools

The Learning Centre supports students with documented exceptional learning profiles. Vancouver College recognizes the responsibility to provide a learning environment that fosters growth and considers the individual needs of all students in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Special Education Policy and Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Referrals to TLC may be made by Administrators, teachers, parents/guardians or student self-referral. To be considered for admission to TLC, a psycho-educational assessment must be completed and be current. Pscycho-educational assessing must be completed and meet the conditions listed below. Psycho-educational diagnostic services are available through registered psychologists. Vancouver College does not provide educational diagnostic testing services. The TLC Director may be contacted for assistance with private testing referrals.


For more information, please contact:

Cliona Ryan-Glennon, Director TLC

Trixie Cruz, Learning Resource Teacher