Peer Tutoring


The Peer Tutoring Club is a program that provides academic support in specific subject areas. Under the supervision of The Learning Centre, qualified student volunteers dedicate their time and effort to offer one-on-one assistance to fellow students who need to improve their academic performance. Our peer tutors know and understand the population they serve, creating a welcoming space that encourages students to seek the academic help they need. 

We know from research that getting ahead in a subject (also known as front loading) and reviewing with personalized peer support enhances learning and improves grades. The success of the program greatly depends on the level commitment of participants, as well as the tutee’s motivation and intention to come prepared with material and goals for each session. 

Students and tutors are expected to give reasonable notice (24 hours via email or text message) if they intend to miss a session and they will be allowed to miss a maximum of two (2) planned sessions without notice. If the student misses more than 2 sessions without notifying, the partnership could be terminated and the tutor reassigned. Please ensure the TLC Supervisor is copied    on all correspondence.

Once a tutor and a tutee have been matched to work together, they will be contacted with the details. The peer-tutoring program has a $50.00 yearly fee that will cover Peer Tutor’s appreciation lunch/gift. Please write your cheque payable to Vancouver College TLC.

During exams, on early dismissal days and on other events, peer tutoring will be cancelled. Please refer to the   school calendar  for these details and updates.

The peer tutoring program is living proof of Vancouver College’s commitment to being a “Faith and Learning Community” where students help fellow students

On behalf of the Vancouver College Learning Centre team we wish you a wonderful school year.

Thank you for your participation in this valuable program.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life 
that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson