VC Venture

Inspiring Minds. Opening Doors.

VC Venture  provides students with the opportunity to listen to and speak with successful professionals from varying fields. The goal of the VC Venture program is to provoke thought and spark ideas among students regarding potential career paths.


As part of the VC Venture Program you can….

  • Listen to, meet, and speak with professionals from a variety of industries and fields during lunchtime Speaker Series sessions.
  • Receive guidance and coaching directly from professionals who work in the fields you’re interested in - either one-on-one or with other classmates who share your interest.
  • Start building a network of people whom you can reach out to even after graduation.

Interested in attending the Speaker Series?
Have a look at the list of upcoming speakers and sign up for the ones that interest you.

Are you in Grade 11 or 12? 
While ALL students are welcome to attend VC Venture sessions, Grade 11 and 12 students are required to attend a minimum of *3* Speaker Sessions as part of their graduation requirement.

Who are the VC Venture    speakers and mentors?

VC Venture speakers and mentors are active VC Parents and VC Alumni who volunteer their time to share their professional and business experience with students.


Your invaluable experience and insight will be of tremendous benefit to every VC student. You’ll have the opportunity to impart our boys with not only ideas about possible career paths, but also with inspiration and motivation the boys need to explore and take steps to realize their potential.

Current VC parents who act as Speakers and Mentors are eligible to apply the time they spend in the VC Venture Program towards Parent Participation hours. What does participation involve? 

  1. Once you have signed up at the OnVolunteer Portal, please send a short bio (no more than a few sentences) and a headshot to Dominic Toa so that it can be posted to the VC Venture page of the school website. His email:   

  2. On the day of the panel session, please check in at the Main Office Portable, and make your way to VC's  Theatre by 12:55 pm. There will be a VC Venture Committee member there to greet you. The session will begin at about 1:05 pm, after the boys settle into their seats, and end at 1:45 pm.

  3. The session will start with a VC Venture Committee member introducing each panelist—name, title, company and short bio.

  4. Then each panelist will have 5 minutes to present their experience on the following:    Your education and professional path to get to where you are now, and   Did you always know ahead what you wanted to do as a profession?

    We will give a buzzer warning at 4 minutes, 30 seconds. We understand that it might be challenging to talk about the above matters within a 5 minute limit, however, we want to allow time after the presentations to answer questions from the students.

The entrepreneurship class holds 2 major "Dragons Dens" every year during senior school lunch. A parent can participate by being a Dragon during those days or helping out in the classroom in preparation for those events a few weeks prior.

CLICK HERE if you have any questions or would like more information on the VC Venture Program!