The athletic program at Vancouver College is very strong throughout the school, nurturing both the elite athlete and enthusiastic participant through extramural sports. We offer a broad range of sports and have earned a reputation for excellence in football, basketball, track and field, and rowing as well as placed high in badminton, tennis, and wrestling competitions.

Our coaches work hard to create an environment that supports and encourages high achievement in athletics and academic work within our Catholic faith community. The Athletic Department encourages students to participate in Vancouver College's various sports offerings. We strive to provide our student athletes with the resources necessary to compete to the full extent of their ability and to enjoy each aspect of their experience.

Our Elementary School  Students are also encouraged to compete in  various sports at the Elementary School Level. 

In addition, we have Athletic Clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee. Although categorized as recreational sports, students on these clubs represent Vancouver College and participate in competitions.

Vancouver College strives for excellence in its Athletic Programs, providing opportunities for individual and for teams to achieve at a level consistent with their God-given gifts. An underlying philosophy of the athletic program is a desire that programs be developed and maintained in order to provide opportunities for all youth to develop ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play. To achieve this goal, it is the expectation that student athletes, coaches, and parents adhere to the Vancouver College Athletic Policy.

Our student-athletes are great ambassadors for our school. Those who qualify apply to become members of the Lettermen Association. This is open to students in Grades 10 - 12 who have competed for Vancouver College in their chosen sport(s). They provide service for the Vancouver College community at Mothers' Christmas Tea, Finnegan Ball, Open House, parent nights, as well as represent the school at alumni events.

Mr. Scott Vass
Athletic Director
High Performance Coordinator