Athletic Clubs

Vancouver College also offers participation in athletic clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee. These sports are not eligible for points towards the Lettermen Association.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate is a co-ed sport in which Vancouver College teams up with Little Flower Academy to compete in Vancouver League games. It is considered a Club Sport and is therefore not eligibile for points towards the Lettermen Association.

This sport is uniquely different because it draws skills and strategies from various sports such as football and basketball and places strong emphasis on sportsmanship amongst team members and their opponents. The games are refereed by the players themselves, even at World Championship level, according to a code of conduct known as "the Spirit of the Game".

Ultimate is open to students in Grades 10 – 12 and the top fifthteen players during the 2-day tryout session are chosen to represent Vancouver College.

The regular season starts from April and ends the first week of May. The city championships takes place in mid-May. The provincial championships are held at the end of May. Besides regular league games, practices are held twice a week to allow players to practice various team strategies as well as perfecting their individual skills.