Archbishops' Cup

The Archbishops' Cup is a tradition more than six decades in the making between the Notre Dame Jugglers and the Vancouver College Irish. The series has been played every year since 1957, making it the longest running rivalry in all of BC High School Sports!

2018 Archbishops' Cup

With the support of a great student and alumni turnout, the Varsity Irish defeated Notre Dame 41-14 to bring home the cup! While the defence held ND scoreless in the second half, touchdowns were scored by Eric Zychlinski (2 rushing), Connor Louis (2 TD receptions - both from Eric), with Aidan Perry and John Calica rushing for 1 each. Jason Soriano had an interception and Jevon Chahal led the team in tackles.

Eric Zychlinski was awarded the MVP (photo #3) and Simon Smith (photo #4) was awarded Best Lineman (an award his coach Burton Haig won in 2006)