Rowing is a real team sport with high expectations in terms of physical fitness and commitment to the crew. At Vancouver College, our mission is to provide the opportunity for students to learn to row, experience a high level of competition, and take pride in becoming part of a team.

The program consists of approximately 45 athletes from grades 8-12 rowing at the Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. The season starts in November with land training at the school and then moves to False Creek in the spring. The athletes attend regattas on both the Mainland and Vancouver Island. Each year, selected crews attend the National Championships held in St. Catharines, Ontario where a number of past VC crews have proven very successful.

Besides competing at the high school level a number of our graduates have gone on to row at top universities and represent Canada internationally.

2020-2021 Season Updates

January 2021

After an incredible  31 days in a “row”, the Vancouver College rowing community further proved their grit with an impressive performance in the global Concept  2 Virtual Team Challenge. From parents, to alumni, to current rowers, we came together to tackle what many find to be the most difficult time of year.

Led by Dale Telfer and Rick Harris, VC averaged 94km per day, and finished 119th out of 886 teams (globally) for 13th percentile. That’s like rowing from Vancouver to Chilliwack every day, or a grand total of Vancouver to Thunder Bay in one month!

A special shoutout to erging. 


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