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The Vancouver College Ski/Snowboard team competes on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler under the Burnaby/Vancouver Race League. The races take place at the Pontiac Race Centre on Blackcomb Mountain's Cougar Milk Run. The racers also receive instruction and coaching throughout the season on the mountain from Whistler/Blackcomb race instructors.

The season consists of 3 race days (2 Giant Slalom courses and 1 Slalom course). The Regional Finals take place at the end of the season to determine whether any racers qualify for the provincials.

Race Results

March 11, 2019

Our Ski & Snowboard team wrapped up their season at the BCSS Alpine Provincials in Smithers last week! Special shout out to:

  • Jack MacDonald for winning the Terrain GS and finishing 3rd overall for skiing
  • Our ski team for placing 1st in Terrain GS combined and 2nd for GS combined
  • Our snowboard team for placing 4th overall combined

Ms. Nicole McDonald and Mr. Chris Wong are super proud of our boys who had a very successful 3 days of competition and conducted themselves with team spirit, sociability and humility. Congratulations boys! 

February 8, 2019

Congratulations to our Ski/Snowboard Team who have both qualified for the Provincials in Smithers BC Mach 4-6! 

Our top qualifying team members who have earned a spot in the Provincials are:

VC Provincial Men’s Snowboard Team

Timothy Choi, Ian Rose, Matthew Moreau, Evan Bannigan, Jasper Richer, and Leo Bergner

VC Provincial Men’s Ski Team

Jack MacDonald, Ambrose Deck Stang, Cedric Ng, Markus Maile, Declan Ng, and  Joshua MacDonald

A special shout-out to Tim Choi (pictured above) who won the Finals Snowboarding race! Go Tim!

December 16, 2018

Our ski/snowboard team had their first race on Saturday. A big congratulations to Tim Choi for winning his snowboard race! Congrats to Jack MacDonald for placing 2nd and Cedric Ng,3rd, in the ski race. Also to Ian Rose who placed 4th for snowboarding.

We look forward to more snow in the New Year!

January 13, 2019

Our ski/snowboard team raced at Blackcomb on Sunday. Congratulations to Jasper Richer and Santi Vargas for placing in the top 5 for Men’s Snowboard.

For Men’s Skiing, congratulations to Cedric Ng and Jack Sellers for placing in the top 10!

January 21, 2019

Our ski/snowboard team raced at Blackcomb on Saturday in an extended course. Congratulations to Cedric Ng for winning the Men’s ski race and to Jack Sellers 5th, Ambrose Deck Stang 6th, Cameron MacDonald 7th, and Declan Ang 10th.

For Men’s snowboarders who placed in the top 10; Tim Choi 2nd, Santi Vargas 5th, Jasper Richer 6th, Ian Rose 7th and Tim Mendham 8th. A big congrats to the boys tacking some varied terrain. We look forward to racing again this Friday!

January 27, 2019

Our ski/snowboard team raced in Whistler on Friday. Congratulations to Tim Choi who won the Men’s Snowboard Race! Our other team members who placed in the top 10 are; Ian Rose (4), Evan Bannigan (5), Santi Vargas (6), and Matthew Moreau (10).

A big congratulations to Marcus Maile who placed 10th in a very tough course in inclement weather.

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