Christian Service Project

2021-2022 Academic Year

With the very different reality we are facing, the social service component of your Middle and Senior School son's curriculum requirements will also look different. Rather than host an in-person charity fair as we did in May and September 2019, we have contacted some organizations to identify virtual volunteer opportunities. We have posted on this webpage a listing of these opportunities. As more arise, we will be updating the list, so remind your sons to check it regularly for new additions.
With the new mini-semester system, the boys now have the option of completing their Christian Service Project during the mini-semester when they have Religion class. So, they can complete up to 6    different volunteer projects,  giving them a variety of volunteer experiences or they can engage in one ongoing project over the year, expecting to reflect and report once per mini-semester as part of their requirements for Religion class. 
Encourage your son to think outside the box about where he can make the most impact this year sharing his time and talent. The list we have provided on this site offers just a few options. Below are some broader ideas for him to consider:

  • making sandwiches or baked goods for the homeless (e.g. Bumpin Bakery, The Giving Truck,  Door is Open, etc.)
  • providing online tutoring to children (e.g. our own TLC, RISE, Learning Buddies, your Parish PREP program)
  • creative support for his own family (e.g. recording a grandparent's life story, helping with grocery shopping/errands)
  • environmental/community care (e.g. beach/park clean up)
  • run a campaign to collect needed items for a charitable cause (e.g. WISH, The Giving Truck, Covenant House, Door is Open, other charities)

Your son will be informed of all requirements during Religion class and his first point of contact for questions and clarification is his Religion teacher

Volunteer Opportunities

Last Updated - November 30, 2021