Clubs and Associations

Vancouver College strives to graduate well-rounded life long learners who are willing to participate in today's complex society and work co-operatively. To accomplish this, a wide variety of clubs and societies are organized to allow plenty of scope for further student development and team building. Many are subject-based and offer valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom.

As we encourage our students to be proactive and independent, clubs will be announced to students through announcements and their teachers. We encourage interested parents to speak to their sons    regarding interest in any clubs.

We encourage students to join in student groups as a way to share ideas, learn from each other, and form a strong voice.

List of Clubs

Student Council

The Vancouver College Student Council is the elected voice of the student body. It provides the students with an opportunity to experience democratic processes and a means to present their ideas and concerns to the school's Administration.

The Council is also responsible for the funding of non-athletic extracurricular clubs and activities and organizes several social events throughout the school year.

Debate Society

Facilitator: Ms. Michelle Ozdogan

The Vancouver College Debate Society provides young thinkers the opportunity to explore and discuss diverse topics.

The Society competes in tournaments across the province, including the UBC High School Debate Championships, the Newman Fisa Debate Tournament, as well as the Lower Mainland West Regional and BC Provincial Championships.

Members benefit tremendously from debate, as it is essential to our nation's democratic process and important in successful decision making. The debate experience empowers members to participate more productively in shaping their own personal worlds and society as a whole. Members are inclined to be more globally aware, researching and presenting arguments based on current issues that are making headlines worldwide. Members must also be able to think on the spot and a challenge their opponent's contentions, with refutation and clash being key features of debating. VCDS has consistently produced provincially recognized debaters, particularly in the Grade 8 level of competition.

The Edmundians

Facilitator: Mr. Paul Shin

The mission of the Edmundian Association at Vancouver College is to lead the community in fostering a faith community whose members seek to live the Gospel in their daily lives.

The Edmundians are committed to an ethic of care and justice. By offering excellence in academics, dress code, behaviour, conduct and service, the Edmundians work to provide an environment in which students can flourish, grow and experience leadership and competence for creating a community of learners which is constructive, empowering, just and diverse.

Visit The Edmundians for more information.

Junior Edmundians

Facilitator: Mr. Anthony Small
The Junior Edmundians are a special group of Grade 9 students committed to the philosophy and mission statement of the Edmundians of Vancouver College. Service, in a variety of ways, to the community is the primary objectives of the Junior Edmundians.

Environment Club

Facilitators: Mrs. Cathy Wolfman, Mr. Alvin Lui, Mrs. Shireen Cotterall, Mr Enzo Nardi

The Elementary School Environment Club (Facilitator- Mrs. Cathy Wolfman) is dedicated to working at making our community a Earth Friendly environment. The club is made up of grade six boys who collect the blue bins from the classrooms twice a week. This group of boys work diligently to keep the elementary school aware of the importance of recycling in our classrooms. We meet every month to discuss how we can improve the awareness of our Environmental Issues in our School.

The Middle School Environment Club (Facilitator- Mr. Alvin Lui) is a group of students dedicated to running the recycling program and participating in outdoor activities that increase environmental awareness and care. At bi-weekly lunchtime meetings the members watch environmental videos and discuss activities that increase their awareness and understanding. They are responsible for maintaining the beverage recycling containers around campus and collecting the recycled paper for processing on a daily basis.

The Senior School Environment Club (Facilitator- Mrs. Shireen Cotterall) is dedicated to working within the community to research alternatives for waste management and to look for youth leadership activities in Environment issues and sustainability. The members of this club share in the common interest in taking action for a greener society. The senior environment club meets every 3 weeks to discuss recent findings, ideas and initiatives within the community as well as ideas to bring into the Vancouver College Community.

As a school what do we do? Recycle all paper products; Recycle bottles, cans and tetra packs; Recycle Ink, Toner and other copying products; We use biodegradable plates and utensils in the cafeteria; Our staff room has regular reusable dishes; Earth Day Dress Down Day- raise money to donate to an endangered animal or forest; Water for Life Day- raise money for clean water in Africa; Promote Earth Hour; Beach Clean Ups; Environment Club Tips of the Week; Community Clean Ups; Storm Drain Painting; and more

Some field trips we do as a club: Canoeing, Kayaking, Snow Shoeing, Hiking at Grouse Mountain, Seymour or the Chief, The Bird Sanctuary, and Vancouver Aquarium


Facilitator: Ms. Andrea Prout-Bernett

The Lettermen's Association is comprised of athletes who have competed for Vancouver College in their chosen sport(s). This is open to students in Grades 10 - 12. They provide service for the VC Community at the Christmas Mother's tea, Finnegan Ball, Open House, Parent nights, as well as represent the school at alumni events. They also support all sports by attending games.

Math Club

Facilitator: Mrs. Cynthia Accili

The math club is open to students in grades 10 - 12 and focus on preparing for math contests and test, providing assistance on material learned in class, and peer tutoring. Meetings are held every Tuesday at lunch in Room 205 so members can eat and talk math!

Pro Life Club


The Vancouver College Pro-Life Club was established to address the issues of pro-life in a more holistic way for the student at VC. Many of the students' concerns and questions are addressed through the teacher facilitators. (Respect for Life)

The Pro-Life Club allows the students to become pro-active through fundraising activities and contribution to "The Doors Open", "Sisters of Charity", and the Youth Fund. The Youth Fund, operated together with the Archdiocesan Office of Life and Family, is a trust fund to which all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese contribute for the following purposes:


  • Providing a one-time financial support to unwed mothers.
  • Helping families who are financially burdened and expecting a new baby.

The Collegian

Facilitator: Ms. Euphemia Redden

The yearbook staff is comprised of around 30 dedicated students, whose jobs range from overall planning, to photography, graphic layout, copy editing, and financial planning. These young men devote an inordinate amount of their time to working during lunches, after school, and on weekends. It is the responsibility of the yearbook crew to capture and document, through pictures and words, the experiences of the school year here at Vancouver College.

The Yearbook Club is one of the oldest clubs in the school. This club meets once a week for formal, full team meetings, coupled with committee meetings dispersed throughout the week.

VC Power

Middle and Senior school members ride weekly and learn personal safety, group riding practices, bicycle maintenance, as well try their hand at some repairs and upgrades with our small tool shop. Participants also work on salvaged bicycles and restore them to working order, at times donating them to charity.