Student Services

Student Services provides a variety of services and resources to the Elementary, Middle, and Senior Schools. These include personal counselling, post-secondary guidance and counselling, academic planning and academic advising.

We are located in the Student Services Centre in Manrell Hall. The Centre provides a research and study area with computers for students to pursue their post-secondary research or study. The Centre also houses a large library of self-help materials, as well as the offices of Mr. Accili, Ms. Beck, Mr. Legge and Mr. Taggart .

Mr. Greg Accili, Academic Counsellor and Post-Secondary Counsellor: Mr. Accili assists students with last names beginning with A - L with course planning, academic advising, and post secondary guidance and assistance. Mr. Accili also coordinates the Advanced Placement and Provincial assessments as well as external credits.

Ms. Monica Beck, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Personal Counsellor, Department Chair: Ms. Beck provides short-term counselling, referral and resources to students K-12 and their families.

Mr. Paul Legge, Career Life Coordinator. Mr. Legge     coordinates the Career - Life Education 10 course and the implementation of Career - Life Connections 11-12 and the Capstone Projects. 

Mr. Brian Taggart, Academic Counsellor and Post-Secondary Counsellor. Mr. Taggart assists students with last names beginning with N - Z  with course planning, academic advising and post-secondary guidance and assistance.    Mr Taggart also coordinates the PSAT and supports Advanced Placement.

Student Services: Who does what…

Post-secondary counselling: Mr. Accili (A - L ) and Mr. Taggart ( N-Z).

Post-secondary lessons (gr. 11 & 12) and presentations to parents: Mr. Accili and Mr. Taggart.

Post-secondary events: Mr. Accili and Mr. Taggart.

Personal counselling and referrals :  Ms. Beck

Mental health education: Ms. Beck

Academic counselling: Mr. Accili (A - L ) and Mr. Taggart ( N-Z).

Course selection: Mr. Accili (A - L ) and Mr. Taggart ( N-Z).

Course Changes: Mr. Accili (A - L ) and Mr. Taggart ( N-Z).

Summer and online Courses: Mr. Accili and Mr. Taggart

Career and Life Education 10, Career and Life Education 11-12,   and Capstone Projects: Mr. Legge.