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Career Cruising

The school subscibes to the online search engine Career Cruising - Students can explore a wide variety of information on careers and programs of study using Career Cruising, starting with school subject area, personal preferences, program, general categories of career or study, and a number of other search parameters. Students and parents will be provided login and password information in Planning 10 and post-secondary lessons and presentations.

VC Venture  provides students with the opportunity to listen to and speak with successful professionals from varying fields. The goal of the VC Venture program is to provoke thought and spark ideas among students regarding potential career paths.

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Career Cruising (students will have login/password from Planning 10)

Berkeley Career Exploration

UBC High School Student Vocational Package

Designed to assist teens (ages 16-19) with career exploration and planning for the future, the UBC High School Vocational Package offers insight into personal characteristics that can help teens find direction and uncover potential. Aptitude, personality, values and career interest inventories provide practical individualized information for identifying and evaluating career and post-secondary educational options. Ideas for summer employment, work-study and volunteer opportunities
can also be gained.

Group testing is followed approximately one week later by a confidential one-hour session with a career counsellor who interprets the results of the personalized results. Parents are welcome to join this private session.