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Monday, September 28, 2020

Please  contact Mr. Brian Taggart, our Post Secondary & Academic  Advisor  should you have any questions regarding the information below.

UBC Engineering and School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture Open House
Encourage your students who are keen in science and math to explore where a degree in engineering or architecture can lead them. 
We'll have live presentations, drop-in booths to speak with all 14 of our engineering disciplines, and the chance to speak to current students, advisors and faculty members. 
Attached is a poster for your convenience.

Saturday, November 7, 2020
Students are encouraged to RSVP:

UBC Engineering Prospective Student Online Presentations
Every other Thursday from October 1 through December 3 we'll be hosting online presentations for students to learn more about admission to UBC Engineering and a career that will allow them to design, create, and innovate our future.

Oct 1 & Dec 3, 2020 - UBC Engineering: What To Know About and How To Get Started
Oct 15, 2020 - Transfer Pathways To UBC Engineering
Oct 29, 2020 - Design, Create, Innovate: A Career With Unlimited Possibilities
Oct 29, 2020 - Supporting Your Student's Passion To Design, Create, and Innovate (Just For Parents!)
Nov 19, 2020 - Science Vs. Engineering: What's The Difference?

Find out more info and register     here!

University of Toronto Webcasts for Prospective Students.

UBC - Learn all about UBC in this one-hour session. You’ll get a great introduction to the university by hearing more about the student experience, UBC’s admissions requirements, and how to apply. Feel free to invite your parents and come with your questions!

Education Planner BC - Many of the schools in BC open their applications on Oct.  This is a great place to start


Many students and their families believe that the post-secondary process is a brief process consisting of application to the ‘best’ universities, colleges, and institutes based on rank and status that a student can obtain admission to. This belief often drives a foreshortened, pressurized, and narrow process resulting in missed opportunities and often disappointing results. A happier and more productive method relies on a longer timeline, beginning in grade ten, and a continuity of growing awareness, about yourself and about the post-secondary options which are available to you.

There is only one ‘you’. You are a unique constellation of strengths, talents, skills, preferences, motivations, experiences, and goals. Universities, colleges, and institutions are just as unique, offering different programs, environments, and cultures. The most successful post-secondary research thus rests in the concept of match. Pursuing a high degree of match between you and the post-secondary institution you choose creates a higher probability of your being accepted, and more importantly of your thriving in the environment you have chosen.

Your grade ten year should be a time of transition, during which you begin to shift away from focussing on the day-to-day and to thinking about your future. As the beginning of the ‘graduation program’ and the major milestone of driving, grade ten also marks the time in your life when you should be taking more self-responsibility over your life, your studies, and your future. Grade ten is a time of exploration when you should be discovering and learning about who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to become, part of which are your post-secondary plans. The Planning 10 program at VC is designed to provide you with many of the tools, information, and guidance you need at this stage of your life.

The grade eleven year is a time when students need to bring a greater focus to researching their future plans, specific post-secondary programs, and the universities, institutes, and colleges at which they are offered. Using the research skills developed in Planning 10 to compare and contrast a wide variety of options, decision making should be driven by which institutions stand out from the rest, in your opinion, not someone else’s. By the summer of grade eleven, students should have developed a shortened list of post-secondary institutions which they are knowledgeable about and have obtained and reviewed all materials, print or on line, required for the actual application.

The fall of grade twelve is a busy and exciting time for students, with more rigorous courses, graduation activities, and the pressures of applying to universities, institutes and colleges. This should not be a time for exploration and research, but rather a time to make final decisions about where to apply and to complete the application process. Making the biggest decision in your life so far should not be left to chance or to the last minute.

Post - Secondary Planning presentation - Updated Jun 1 2018