Grade 11

Post Secondary Events

September 14th @ 12:45: Langara College. Location TBA.

September 17th @ 12:45. Ivey Business School at Western. Location TBA.

October 9th @ 12:45 Corpus Christi College and St. Mark's College. Location TBA.

October 15th @ 12:45 Simon Fraser University. TBA.

November 1st: University of Calgary. Location TBA.

November 8th @ 12:45. Western University (Main Campus) Presentation. Location TBA.

November 8th @ 2:45 : Queens University Presentation. Location TBA.

November 13th @ 12:45 p.m. Brock University. Location TBA.

Upcoming Changes to Admissions

University of Toronto

For 2019 Admission

  • High School Diploma. Provincial examinations are required for English 12 or English 12 First Peoples for BC students graduating in 2018 and 2019. We will consider the full range of Grade 11 and 12 courses and expect to see at least six courses presented at the Grade 12 level. Particular attention will be given to marks in pre-requisite subjects and in other courses related to the applicant’s intended area of study. We will review on a case-by-case basis applicants with fewer than six Grade 12 courses
  • Calculus 12 or Calculus AP (AB or BC) is required for programs with the Calculus prerequisite
  • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses are acceptable
  • Co-op courses, Challenge exams, career and work experience courses will not be used for admission consideration

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University has announced changes to its admission processes that will begin in September 2018 and will affect our current grade 11 students who apply to SFU next fall. SFU has articulated that the goals of these changes are to "create greater flexibility to identify students who demonstrate the capacity to be successful in their program of choice at SFU and to uncover potential in students who may not have risen to the surface in the restrictive four-course evaluation model". "SFU’s new admission process values and considers all approved courses completed by a student in grade 11 and 12, and reflects our institution’s interest in encouraging a holistic approach to our students’ academic preparation for their post-secondary career."

The new admission model will be phased in over two years; detailed information is available at: Questions about these changes can be directed to:

Changes are bolded.

Current (Fall 2018)

Effective Fall 2019

Effective Fall 2020

Required Grade 11 courses:

·English 11

·Science 11

·Language 11

·Math 11

Required Grade 11 courses:

·English 11

·Science 11

·Language 11

·Math 11

Required Grade 11 courses:

·English 11

·Science 11

·Language 11

·Math 11

·Social Studies 11*

English 12 with a minimum final blended grade of 60%

English 12 with a minimum final blended grade of 70%

English Studies 12 with a minimum final grade of 70%

Minimum of 4 Grade 12 courses from SFU’s approved course list (including English 12)

Minimum of 5 Grade 12 courses from SFU’s approved course list (including English 12)

Minimum of 5 Grade 12 courses* from SFU’s approved course list (including English Studies 12)

Admission average based on 4 Grade 12 courses (including English 12) required by program

Admission evaluation based on all Grade 12 courses taken from SFU’s approved course list.

Admission evaluation based on all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses taken from SFU’s approved course list.

*Course lists will be adjusted with new courses as the new curriculum is finalized; information to be released by January 2019.

UBC Admissions Update

Currently UBC evaluates prospective students using four program prerequisite, grade twelve approved courses, as well as the Personal Profile, for regular admission. Grade eleven grades in equivalent courses, in addition to any completed grade twelve courses, and the Personal Profile, are used for the evaluation of early round applicants. These protocols will continue to be used for the full application cycle this year i.e. our current grade twelve students.

Next year UBC will move to a new model of admissions assessment. This will affect our current grade eleven students. The changes include:

  • Admission will be based on approximately 12-18 courses including at least 6 grade twelve courses (which will not be limited to UBC's 'Grade Twelve Approved Courses' list).
  • All grade eleven and twelve courses will be included except for applied design, skill, technology, career education, and physical education.
  • Lowest course grade will be omitted.
  • A maximum of two visual and performing arts courses will be used for each of grade eleven and twelve.
UBC has created these changes to better align with the new BC curriculum, to help mitigate grade inflation, and to pursue a more holistic assessment of applicants. In addition, it is hoped that by including a broader composition of courses that students will be encouraged to challenge themselves with both the breadth and rigour of the courses they select, which will be recognized in their admissions evaluation. Finally, by reviewing a larger number of courses and credits across the two senior years UBC will hopefully incentivize a strong work ethic and positive learning outcomes in both years.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Accili or Mr. Taggart if you have questions. If we are unable to answer your specific query we will direct you to the admissions team at UBC.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ronald McDonald House BC Vancouver Golf Tournament

Volunteers in grades 10 through 12 are needed for the Ronald McDonald House BC Vancouver Gold Tournament at Northview Golf Course in Surrey from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Interested students can sign up at:

Canada Day Volunteers, Granville Island
Volunteers are needed on June 30th and Canada Day, July 1st for the Granville Island Canada Day celebrations for a variety of positions including Information Ambassador to Parade Walker to helping with bike decorating, handing out Canada Day pins and flags, etc. Register and submit a completed form as soon as possible; shift scheduling begins on June 4th:

Christianne's Lyceum of Literature and Art for Preschoolers to Young Adults

Christianne's Lyceum is looking for volunteers to assist with their summer programs. For more information and to apply go to :

YMCA of Greater Vancouver
The YMCA has a variety of volunteer (and paid) work opportunities for youth age 14 and older (volunteer) and 16 and older (paid positions) including The First Tee, a youth development organization introducing the game of golf to young people. Please contact Nayan Murdoch for more information and/or to apply at: or 778-792-6059.

Soccer Dogs

Soccer Dogs, an inclusive soccer program for youth and adults (aged 4-21) with diverse needs, is looking for volunteers for their season, beginning early April and running until June (Saturdays). Students who are interested in volunteering can contact Abbe Gates at

Columbus Seniors' Residence

Student volunteers (age 16 or older), who are willing to make a six month commitment, are needed to spend at least an hour and a half each weekend, at morning socials with the seniors at Columbus Residence, located at 704 West 69th Avenue in Vancouver. Volunteers will visit with and play simple games with residents. Interested students can contact Kelsie Tham at kelsiet98@gmailcom.

Bumpin Bakery

Bumpin Bakery is a student founded and run non-profit organization serving coffee and muffins every Sunday morning at the corner of Main and Hastings. Student volunteers are needed to donate muffins and/or serve muffins, coffee, and kindness to those in need in the downtown east side. One dozen muffins donated equals one service hour for VC students. For more information to to

Post-Secondary Guidance and Counselling

Mr. Taggart and Mr. Accili will provide a presentation on post-secondary research and selection in the spring of grade 11 to students and their parents . We provide four presentations to grade 12 students in the fall. These presentations cover: post-secondary research and selection, post-secondary application, scholarships and financial aid, and the personal profile. We are available to meet with students, as well as their parents, to assist with research, planning and general application guidance. Detailed information many of this topics is available on the Post-Secondary link.

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