A Strategic Plan for Vancouver College’s Next Century

While celebrating our past successes with humble gratitude, here at Vancouver College we continue to be deeply committed to  continuous improvement.
Seven years ago, Vancouver College conducted a visioning process that precipitated our redevelopment project. With our community’s dedication and generous support, we built two new, safe and modern buildings (Manrell Hall 2018 and Lannon Hall 2020) for our students and faculty to learn and teach. Our campus renewal project is now complete.
And so, as Vancouver College enters its next century, we shift our focus from constructing buildings to building men of faith, service, character, and integrity. (for further reference see: Case Statement: Future of Teaching and Learning at VC by J. Bevacqua.

The VC100 Plan

The VC100 Strategic Plan is a comprehensive and inclusive process that will help the school’s educational leaders and Board develop a new strategic plan for Vancouver College.  We invite all of our stakeholders - students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni - to participate in our online survey (September 2021) and/or register to be part of our Focus Group facilitated by Berlineaton (October 28 and 29, 2021). To view the summary of results from this process please follow this link

Ultimately, this process will help determine the school’s strategic goals and priorities to ensure we meet the learning needs of our students today and tomorrow. The intent of this plan is to develop strategic priorities upon which all members of our faith and learning community can rely for direction.

The VC100 Plan will be finalized in time for our school’s Centennial and celebrations in the 2022-2023 school year. As we commemorate, reflect, learn, and be inspired from the past 100 years, we also look forward with enthusiasm to VC’s next 100 years of faith, service, and excellence for the Glory of God.